Scorpio/Pluto/8th House People Through Gifs.

The Real Me

The Symbology of Scorpio is complex and they are known to have extreme emotions and like the other water signs these deep feelings are often hard to verbalize. There can be a tendency to be self-protective, quiet, brood and mood and so sometimes it is difficult to pry the sign open. They love mysteries and often become a mystery, too. They also love understanding how others tick, and are great at psychology but do not like for others to snoop into their business. Scorpio likes to keep a part of themselves private and no one can trespass unless the person has gained their complete trust.

Be Truthful

Because Scorpio knows how others tick and make great detectives they psychically see through others superficiality and can tell when someone is not being truthful with them. They have a naturally mistrustful nature and have learned from an early age how to spot people who are not being sincere. This can also be a great gift for healing and they really can get to the root of an individual’s problem rather than simply believe what they are told on the surface. A Scorpio is very instinctive and intuitive so drop the facade as their perceptions are deeper than words and they have little time for phoniness and hypocrisy.

Power and Control

Scorpio never does anything half-heartedly and so when they commit they REALLY commit. They definitely have a fanatical streak in them and a deep craving for power. They are immensely strong-willed, tenacious, and rarely back down. Sometimes they can border on being obsessive and must maintain control.

Mind Games

Scorpio can also be paranoid and it is because they are always probing beneath the surface of people and situations to see what is REALLY going on. Not a lot slips by them.

Final Warning

As I said Scorpio’s are self-protective and do not like people sneaking around behind their backs. They sense when something is going on and not quite right and most likely the individual snooping will be caught out. They DO NOT like to be made a fool of and it is better to be upfront with them because if you betray them, your life will be made a living hell. Often their pride is great and they will lock you out of their life forever. Be warned.

Aww Scorpio is sooo cute.

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