Pisces: Serve/Suffer

8985dcfff259196ddada05368a7e4ae8Pisces is born to either ‘serve or suffer,’ a popular phrase used by astrologers. To those born under this zodiac constellation, is it a fatalistic assumption? Astrologers assert that if serving others is not the Piscean goal, they will suffer miserably and it will eventually lead to self-destruction and ruin. Most interpretations involving the Piscean, Neptune, or 12th house energy are usually directed towards service of some kind in the life being taken up. Based on such readings, Pisces, it would seem, is weighted with a heavy obligation; if they’re not serving the “greater good” in some way, are doomed to a life of suffering.

Fishes Swimming in Opposite Directions

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions on the zodiac wheel. Astrologers believe those born under the sign of the Fishes either swim upstream towards a meaningful life or are pulled downwards by the undercurrent, and into a wasted existence. As if there can be no in between. It is believed that Pisces is filled with inner confusion and feels the pull of a multitude of directions, and that, well, this just comes with the territory of being a Piscean. Pisces will, in fact, move in ways which are difficult for others to fathom, and nothing is ever simple or clear in their life.

At birth, gifted with special access to the unconscious, dreams, and fantasies; the inward world is filled to the brim with unexplained mysteries. Needless to say, not many people can fully explore the unseen realms in such depth. And many Pisceans keep these enigmatic secrets of the unconscious oceanic realm to themselves; they are known to be frighteningly introverted and withdrawn creatures, happily slipping away into their imagination and returning.

Astrologers say that Pisces needs to give from the heart. Agreed. However, I disagree with those astrologers who believe Pisces should put less energy into their own personal concerns. Often this very behavior leads them into sacrificing their own happiness and surely this leads to the inevitable “suffering,” unhappiness, and misery that is so negatively forecast. Perhaps it is just that as an outer planetary ruled sign (governed by Neptune), it needs more than the so-called ordinary life.

Astrologer, Liz Greene in The Outer Planets and their Cycles, discusses the signs Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces, which are ruled by the outer planets. Shedding light on these particular zodiacal symbols because they are not easy to understand especially when considering them from the old traditional rulerships (Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). The author believes that Scorpio (Pluto), Aquarius (Uranus), and Pisces (Neptune) need to be involved with the collective in some way, and because of their connection to the outer planets, they are bound to issues larger than the personal. She also believes the average kind of life doesn’t take into account these broader needs.

At any rate, I feel there is a necessity in Scorpio, Aquarius Pisces to find someplace in reality that extends beyond the purely personal sphere. Otherwise I think these signs can become terribly negative. They have the worst reputations of all the zodiac. The classic charge against Pisces is that of drugs and alcohol, and as far as I have seen, this is perfectly true. A great many Pisceans drown in that water, not because the sign is innately alcoholic, but because they are thirsting for something beyond a wholly material perception of reality.

The opening of the door might come through a strong religious aspiration, or a creative outlet such as music or poetry or acting, or an experience of the unity of life that comes through service of some kind. But if the door is never opened, the only way to the spirit is through spirits, if you will excuse the horrible pun. Even if Pisces wants to go and study computers or become a civil servant, he must have some place in his life for the myths and the music and the poetry and the imagination.

There are a good many pathetic Pisceans wandering about trying desperately to become good accountants or stock brokers or insurance agents wondering why they feel hopeless and depressed and lethargic while their Taurean and Capricornian compatriots really enjoy their jobs. By Liz Greene, The Outer Planets & Their Cycles

I think Greene is right and Pisces must find something in their life which gives life to their imagination, dreams and feeling nature. Or else, drown their sorrows and meet the fate of suffering for failing to find joy and purpose in the earth world.

Katherine Merlin says,

The urge to get beyond – or free from – the demands of the ego drives Pisces toward transcendent glory, or escapism. These Sun signs are also notorious dreamers and drifters; mundane reality holds little meaning for them and potentially they may become channels for energy which is deeply universal and healing or thrill-seekers forever chasing an elusive, and impractical fantasy. The possibilities within this Sun sign actually conflict since the Neptunian urge which breaks down boundaries and dissolves self, can manifest destructively or constructively depending on whether the self is broken down in service of a higher ideal or simply broken down. The urge to give the self over is so strong for this sign that Pisces is renowned for its gullibility and lack of worldliness; for succumbing to the role of victim. For Pisces, the greatest challenge seems to lie in fixing on a truly worthwhile dream: a union which partakes of the Divine and can therefore carry the self aloft to a plane that transcends the separate state.