Mercury Trine Pluto

With Mercury trine Pluto in aspect you think about things in a deeper way than most people, and with your added depth and concentration – you’re good at keeping your secrets and are careful about what we say and to whom. This aspect in your nature stimulates your mind to look below the surface of life to find answers. Broadly speaking, you make an extremely accurate psychologist and zoom in on other people’s sensitive spots. One of your favorite subjects is examining how other people tick. So enjoyment is found by searching for hidden facts about someone, and you seem to also possess the ability to subconsciously know what to say to have a positive, emotional effect on others.

Your Mercury Trine Pluto aspect in your chart will give you a memorizing ability with words, and a way to convince others of your truth. You are keenly aware of the power of words and you’re enthralled or even fascinated with language, making you an incisive writer, and researcher that has a gift for penning something with a more dramatic tone. You do have some psychic abilities connected with this aspect, but you also like to think that you possess a knack for solving puzzles and mysteries, and this means that you make for a fantastic mental detective.

This mind of yours moves towards the very essence of the matter, and you usually prefer more in-depth conversation to neighborhood gossiping. Being so powerful on the mental plane, you only have to speak with a few words to get your point across. However, you may also love writing in great depth and at greater length using your incisive and instinctive knowledge about your chosen subject. Usually what you say is really meant and you like that also to be the case for others. With Mercury-Pluto in your chart, you are also a great bull-crap detector and it would be hard to pull the wool over your eyes. With the aspect of Mercury in trine to Pluto in your chart, you express a profound insight into the nature of reality and interest in the affairs ruled by Pluto: unsolved mysteries, death, the occult, transformation, and healing.

If Mercury is trine or sextile Pluto, you are balanced and whole in your thinking. You’re confident, stable and psychologically healthy. You excel in languages, writing, or any communication field. You enjoy deciphering symbols or puzzles. You are direct and persuasive. Your reasoning ability is acute and you influence others profoundly and with ease. There is great optimism as you know you can solve any dilemma through your intellectual dexterity…You are sharp, analytical, and critical. You do not miss a trick. Concentration is excellent and your mind is deep but flexible. You love all fields of knowledge and want to learn everything you can. You are drawn to metaphysics or the occult because you are so compelled to get to the root of all matters….You are extremely adept at understanding the psychology of voters. Therefore, make an excellent advisor, counselor, or therapist. You are logical and keenly aware that knowledge, information, and wisdom mean power….You are intuitive or psychic. Your perspective is balanced and there are no limits to the capabilities of your mind. How to Be a Great Astrologer

You have a good head for business matters and so may involve yourself with money management, investments, and joint resources. With your Mercury trine Pluto aspect, you like to slice through superficiality to the real truth underneath, and you always know what’s really going on – in business or personal life. This is mainly due to your extremely acute perception of reality, and the gift of pursuing a train of thought with great mental concentration, without letting up. Being born with Mercury in aspect to Pluto usually means that your sense of humor is sharp and cutting and maybe even a little sarcastic. You analyze situations in-depth or to death. And when really interested in something your mind is totally focused, strong, and committed. There is, in fact, considerable power of mental concentration, that rarely gives much away about what you are actually thinking. Deep down, you instinctively understand how knowledge can be used against others, and if you have a higher nature with this contact – you also know how knowledge can be used to help and heal others rather than hurt or destroy. Whatever the case, you will always, with ease, seek greater depths of understanding in whatever area interests you the most.