The Moon: Ready For Your Close up






The photographs above, recreated from the past are emotionally moving and unusual at the same time. If you look at the way they pose with their bodies recapturing it all in almost perfect accuracy. The last picture of the Twin Towers missing is powerful and it makes you realize how monumental events reshape the landscape and the times. The sad thing about recreating all photos is that the people we have lost over the years would not appear in the later pictures, so there would be this large empty space that would make their missing presence in our lives hurt all the more.

Old photographs bring up sentimental feelings and are a connection to the past relating to the Moon in Astrology.  We all have a connection with our roots, family, and the people that raised us. The old is known, and it is our lunar nature to want to collect mementos, the Moon rules over the things that we hang on to helping us to remember. As well as describing our memories, the Moon represents all those things that are familiar to us, it is our security blanket, and where it is placed in the chart represents the area in life that we need to feel safe. When we are feeling particularly insecure we reach for what is known, we need to feel a connection to something to help us feel alright again, taking us back to a time we felt more secure. The Moon has the ability to change our moods and feelings at any given moment, it can happen when a memory washes over us that could be happy, sad, traumatic, and it immediately changes us inside, and we are taken back to that moment in time and re-experience it all.

The Moon can indicate the things we find comforting and the people we lean on in times of need, and those individuals can be our greatest emotional strength. However, it also reflects painful memories and depending on how the luminary is aspected in our charts shows difficult behaviour patterns that drag us backwards. We may at times feel at the mercy of our emotions, and we cannot stop those feelings that leave us powerless. The Moon has the ability to trigger old memories even at times when we wish it wouldn’t keep on affecting our emotions. It is difficult to apply the rational to the Moon and when under the influence of this lunar energy we can be labelled loony, whinge-y, nagging and whining.

The Moon reflects what makes us feel comfortable or uncomfortable, and it is believed that once we truly know how to care for ourselves we are able to care for others. The Moon is incredibly beautiful (sorry, Venus), but she also draws us back to the past, old hurts, resentments, and to guilt that we may be holding onto with a firm grip. Often the Moon shows us who we were in the past and tells us not to deny what has made us into the person we are today, and most importantly, not to forget. The past will always be a powerful instrument, and it is what we need to express and feel connected with and so we need to experience every emotion as we feel it.

We have all had those moments when we have shared our funny, cute, embarrassing photographs with our partner, and it usually means we are getting serious about the relationship. The experience is extremely bonding; we are showing something hidden, private, and sharing our souls. We are letting another understand our roots and the place we are coming from. The photo exchange can be a revealing and illuminating experience, and the Moon in astrology symbolizes everything that has gone before, we often look back at photos and reminisce, and those memories continue to influence us in the present. The lunar part of the self, has assimilated everything,  and so she knows and understands us more than anyone, so we should listen to her more often, because like most mothers she has always been there for us.