Mercury in the 4th House

tumblr_m0bxvwMxUD1rr0kbpo1_500An individual with Mercury in the 4th house usually thinks about their roots. It can also mean they do a lot of communicating, reading, networking and perhaps even run a small business from home. They often surround themselves with books, things of interest, and anything to keep the mind occupied when in this inner space. It is not uncommon for them to find the family interesting and they’ll involve themselves in subjects like history, geology, anthropology, archaeology, ecology, genealogy, etc. There are usually important conversations happening in the family or something, at least, fascinating to talk about.

The mental qualities of yours were strongly influenced by your early home life and racial, cultural or national background. So your mind can be somewhat buried in your roots as it treads well established, but possibly habit-hidden paths. As a reaction to this you might rebel against them, moving from place to place in a need to find your own mind, or attracting a domestic or family set-up where you are continually having to assert your individual attitude. It is your father that was probably the intellectual type…and this would have fed your mind and frustrated your feelings. In other words, what you are really digging for is your father’s soul, for its the route to your own. The Instant Astrologer

A parent may have been intellectual, quite clever, articulate, bright, and liked to talk, chat, discuss things. The general communication and mental life on an inner level depend upon their Mercury profile, as this will describe in more detail the background of the planet. For example, Mercury-Mars aspects may show arguing, bickering, and mental aggression at home. Whereas Mercury-Pluto could indicate that there were secrets, and maybe a parent was highly paranoid or there could have been powerful communications that were extremely psychic. The clues are always there in the astrological chart once the information and the symbolism are put together.

Telephones, letters, radios, newspapers, magazines and perhaps a TV in every room may have been a prominent feature in childhood. Home-study courses could also be highly relevant as the home is often where they learn and gain knowledge. Discussion at the dinner table could have been a regular thing, and it is important to question the origins of their beliefs and to understand what has been handed down from the family. Mercury here can also mean that a parent appeared youthful and they related to them more as a brother or sister. Maybe it was not always easy to know them on an emotional level or perhaps the logical self is strongly influenced by their emotions, and they may communicate frequently about their background and how they were raised. The mental life of the individual is very private, hidden away, and stays behind closed doors.

Mercury in this position could be an indicator that there was something significant about the area of communication involving the parent. Perhaps the parent was critical, opinionated, and the origins of the way one expresses themselves today have a direct link back to childhood and their earlier roots. The 4th house is often unconscious and the mind can be somewhat hidden in the footprints of the past. Some people with this placement feel the need to spread their wings and travel away from their roots to find their own ideas about the world.

Sometimes unconscious habits are formed in the 4th house domain. With Mercury Placed here it is the parent’s opinions, viewpoints, and ideas that dominate, or perhaps they even think along similar lines to a parent. The mind can be sensitive and easily receptive, mediumistic gifts may be indicated, especially the closer Mercury is to the I.C. The person holds on to the thoughts of childhood and can be reluctant to look outside; they may be old fashioned in some of their views.

The individual could also be very private about revealing any information from their childhood, and there may have been an emphasis on being logical and rational. The home itself may have been mobile, and sometimes it is an indicator of frequently moving. The child could have been sent to boarding school. Perhaps there were plenty of comings and goings or the parent was tricky or inventive, quite flexible and adaptable at home.

Mercury in the 4th house person possesses great observational skills and perception in observing others in their own habitat. Intelligence may be something of a familiar issue, and there could be an educational or academic background and this may be a gift that is inherited. Perhaps there were always lots of questions being asked, plenty of trivia, word puzzles, etc. It can reflect a sibling taking on the role of parent, but whatever the case – the mind is firmly rooted in the past of this individual.