Moon in the 3rd House

With the Moon in your 3rd house, communications, immediate interactions, and thoughts are influenced by your emotions. This Moon placement is something of an emotional receptor for picking up others’ thoughts and you have quite a talent for providing intellectual food and nourishment for others. The natural intent revolves around a need to communicate, and you relate with ease to the general public, neighbors, and naturally keeping in contact with people. The Moon in the 3rd house needs lots of intellectual stimulation, and knowledge feeds the soul. There is often a hunger for education, a curiosity for more data, a need to know. You are the perpetual student eternally aroused by the discovery of new information. In other words. your inner being feels a deep connection and a secret sense of who you are when learning, and this is something you have always felt from an early age.

This planetary position accumulates knowledge over a variety of subjects. To that end, some of these matters may be about the past, and you may be found studying history, archaeology, or genealogy. When the Moon lands in the 3rd house of Hermes at birth, you learn about the environment, but you also constantly change interests, gather thoughts, and have opinions that are often waxing and waning. You are certainly bright and articulate, bequeathed with gifts in the dominion of the mind. Moreover, you also have a wide range of interests and there is always information at hand. The Moon and the Mind are both changeable, and you are always changing your thoughts, and this reflects a restless mind, constantly thinking, linking things together, and filled to the brim.

The 3rd house of the chart rules over movement, and while there’s a lot of processing happening and your perceptual clogs are always turning in the mind. It can also mean that you travel a lot about the local area and move about continually within your own city. This sometimes reveals itself in frequent changes of residence, but it could as easily represent security and safety in what is known. The Moon clings to what it needs in order to feel a sense of connectedness and familiarity and so the more you know about stuff in the environment the more rooted you feel. The Moon here may feel it is most comfortable with the TV switched on, or the radio playing, newspapers, books, and magazines around the home.

Chatterbox! You have an instinctive need to communicate – as much and as often as possible, by any means! Education comes easily to you, but you tend to have little knowledge of lots of subjects rather than an in-depth focus on any one thing. Moon Surfing: A Lunar Astrology handbook

The Moon is like an emotional sponge and whatever it soaks up in the environment it tends to retain, and it can be linked to a retentive memory and with a mind that tends to be more impressionable. The Moon’s influence over the mental domain brings together the conscious and the unconscious, and with the lunar power involved there can be a lot of talking about your past, grasping ideas from a deeper source within you, and intuiting knowledge. Talking is often a kind of therapy for you so that you can verbalize feelings and bring together your heart and mind. A 3rd house Moon can be the marker of the journal writer illustrating the propensity to write your feelings down in a diary to make that connection between thoughts and feelings, rather similar to a public commentator, but it is done in a more private way.

The Moon here can also make your mind an imaginative place and there are usually well developed, artistic, and intuitive leanings that combine into a wonderful talent for writing, communication, and literacy abilities. You have an authenticity to actually feel with words, a lovely talent resulting in an empathetic communicator, storyteller, or poet. Often as the Moon relates to feelings and the 3rd house to writing, you could make a great journalist, media reporter, and or teacher. Inherent within you is a sensitive way of teaching and to ‘feel at home’ in the classroom. This placement could also indicate a public speaker or the kind of person that can sway the opinions of an audience leaving behind an emotional resonance.


Sometimes there can be confusion over what you feel and think and whether your thinking is more subjective because feelings will always cloud intellectual judgment. Consequently, you are left feeling emotional over things that have been said, and viewing words as having powerful emotional overtones with the truest ability to move people. When you speak it can also add an emotionally vivid coloration depending on the element, sign, and aspects.

The Moon rules your deepest needs as a person and what makes you feel most comfortable, and at home. The Moon is also often called the private face, the one that isn’t shown in public. It reveals what is innate within and what some of your natural talents are as well as habits and lifestyles that you are most drawn towards. The area of communicating is a very familiar one, and your perception of life is often highly influenced by what you were feeling at that time. Since the 3rd house rules siblings and childhood friends it can show some incredibly close bonds or definite strong feelings, either way, depending on how the Moon is aspected. From time to time early friendships with a brother or sister can be a source of emotional sustainment or it can even symbolize frustrating and emotional problems.

Relationships with siblings, and particularly with a female relative – or with women in general – may stir up the imagination and may guide the development of a keen intelligence. Objectivity is needed to compliment feelings and dissipate moods. The Astrological Houses