Leo: The Sunflower

Leo: The Sunflower

The Sunflower also known as Helianthus captures Leo’s vital being. During their growth, these flowers move towards the Sun, but stop once they begin blooming. Much of Leo’s life is similar in self-expression  – a constant unfolding of internal power. Leo sits as the central sign of the fiery trigon and is at the center of the zodiac. It is ruled by the Sun, an intense fiery orb. At its most elemental, the Sun is the sole source of our life energy and it is the heartbeat of the universe. As the middle sign, Leo symbolizes the drama and divinity of life and is placed at the core of the human being. The ancients regarded the Sun as a God and elevated it to the center of their spiritual lives. It was the giver of life, holder of all power, and the greatest enigma.

You either bowed to it or just shut up and gawked.

Leo, like the Sun, must shine. Such individuals have a sense of faith in their importance in the cosmic scheme. Leo is comparable with the heat of the summer, and they radiate warmth and fun. The essential essence of what makes us special is represented by the Sun. Indeed, Leo is this fountain of life, described by astrologers as a sovereign spirit. Those born under Leo have a powerful sense of destiny, reigning need to stay faithful, authentic, and true to a deeply felt distinct purpose.

All fiery types (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) are energetic. Leo is no different, but there is prime importance –  the Sun is the chief source of energy. The Sun is the life-giving body; all the others glow by reflected glory. In this way, Leo, ruled by the Lion, also exudes a forceful and magnetic personality and possesses an abundance of vitality. The energy is immense. Most Leo types are generous, confident, warm, gregarious, and good-natured. The will of Leo is not easy to bend, and they usually also have strong passions. Moreover, they are excellent at pursuing their hobbies with great enthusiasm. In fact, any area where they can use their creative vision, organizational abilities and ability to inspire others is pursued wholeheartedly.

Many Leo’s often need approval from others, and need to feel appreciated, and noticed. Anybody born into this zodiacal region possesses a natural ‘star quality ‘and expect devotion and admiration from all. Leo is generous to a fault. They are also romantically guided by the power of love, and in relationships, love to be the center of attention and are not short of admirers. Leo is also thought to be a show-off, highly demonstrative, possessing a need to show the public its large sense of pride in what has been attained and what is truly loved.

Many of the female types can be playful, kittenish and highly desirable or they are the ferocious lionesses always ready to defend their lovers and children with their spirited and strong-willed nature. Of course, there are also the drama-queens of the group that love to be spoiled, and abhor the humdrum of life, they’re not here to play wallflowers.  Leo is highly affectionate with a love of luxury and wants to be treated with importance. In romancing the Leo female, many tips have been given from standing when she enters the room, giving her full attention and making sure that she is treated in a manner that is regal. Whilst much of this is exaggerated, she does enjoy attention and needs to be wined and dined and treated as extraordinary. For both males and females of this sign, there is also a childlike spirit that emanates the same essence as children; they are ‘genuine’ open and honest and have pure hearts.

According to Carter – Essays on the foundations of Astrology – the author states that as with all fixed signs, it seems that it is what Leo is rather than what it does that matters.

Nevertheless there is a real goodness in the true Leo, a warm kindness of heart and unselfish affection that is rare in other signs…It is the sign of Divine Splendour. Yet, it is symbolized by an animal, and in this sign man is not beyond the dangers of a relapse to the natural kingdom and irrational passions. Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

Within Leo, there is an intensity of purpose and a strong sense of self-expression, and Supreme will. Those born under the fixed signs ( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) are described as having passion and intense wanting. In fact, desire is a great motivator, and Leo has the desire to be noticed for being magnificent, desiring to be center stage, leading many into the performance arts. Whether or not they pursue this career is beside the point, as there is a natural drama, as well as theatrics in the personality. Moreover, there is a burning desire to be applauded for their efforts; they love to stand out from everybody else. Leos have a dread of being merely one amongst the dreary mass of human society and want to be unique. Although it has been argued by astrologers that Leo possesses will and not desire, but whichever way we look at it, Leo is fueled by a core desire and it is a true spiritual fire.

But in Leo, fiery activity manifests as the will to self-expression, the will to personal mastery, the will to immortality through physical, or artistic, or political progeny. It is indeed a fiery will, an emotional urge to go forth and to conquer, to multiply oneself through a multitude of creations stamped with one’s own image. The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar Book 1)

All the fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) want to stand out and to be special. The fire signs are full of vital energy, dynamism, zest and exuberance. Those born under the fiery element are usually filled with the uproarious laughter and delight. When we enter into the fire trilogy, we are at the doorways of life that lead us to a fuller existence. The need to be special and unique is central for Leo. In Leo, the personality is more dramatic in an attempt to gain this recognition. Even so, all Leo types have to be careful about expressing this exaggerated self-importance and prideful arrogance. In many ways, the force of their being is what directs them in life. The individual is often courageous in the world, and the word ‘courageous,’ derives from the Latin cor, meaning heart.

Leos are genuinely kind, warm-hearted and loving. They can be characterized by words such as magnanimous, magnificent, and brilliant. Leos are drawn to positions of authority and want to be held in high-esteem, Many Sun ruled types are suitable in roles such as the director or chairman and it gives them recognition. As might be expected, being ruled by the mighty Sun, there is also an element in Leo to be in front and center as a divine right, and even before they have proven their gifts or created anything of value; they automatically expect to garner the attention and respect of others.

In Short, Leo needs an audience and to be the focus of attention and enjoys being in the spotlight. According to Carter, the failing pride of the sign is not the emotional kind of Scorpio, but focused on vanity and so they can be easily flattered and even be fooled. Leo is also surprisingly sensitive for a fire sign, and can be hurt easily – taking criticism very much to heart. Being a fixed sign, the desire nature is powerful and tends to have great stability. Leo has been distinguished as the only fire sign to quite often finish what they start.

In Leo everything which is owned must be put to use. It must help to make a show. Wife, child and home must be displayed. Everything must flow out; and obviously this feeling arises only in the person who knows himself to be inherently full of energy or riches – or at least pictures himself as rich and powerful. The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar Book 1)


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