Linda Darnell: Killed in House Fire

bb3c1d63d1ff00c1ed617972d5018ad3The gorgeous Linda Darnell was an American film actress, notorious for an unstable personal life, having a mother with an overbearing and possessive nature and for marrying a man twice her age. It was believed she may have had a strange premonition of her disastrous future. The star had a lifelong fear of fire, and when she was 41 years of age this great beauty was burned to death in a horrible inferno.

In Linda’s chart she has the planet Mars rising on the critical degree, conjunct the Ascendant. Traditional astrology would almost certainly view this as a malefic condition and one that may be dangerous to the physical body. Darnell suffered from three-degree burns on her upper body. Mars rules both fire, accidents and burning and is placed in the house of our immediate approach to life, appearance and how we meet social situations.  The position of Mars rising on the Ascendant is placed in Virgo a sign of health and well-being.

The childhood home was said to be filled with domestic turmoil and the mother was thought to be mean and aggressive. The mother had always wanted to be famous and shoved her daughter into many different contests. Natally, Linda has the Moon opposite Pluto across the 4th and 10th house.

Moon-Pluto: The relationship with the mother will be filled with emotional depth and powerful feelings surrounding this parent. A Scorpionic mother may have been emotionally demanding, over possessive, obsessive and power-hungry. Through nurturing, bonding, comfort and protection, the feeling life (Moon) is coloured by intrusive and threatening forces. The parent may love to stir up trouble in the family and felt like she had to hold control over everyone. Mother-Moon-Astrology-Scorpio Themes

Moon-Pluto possesses a a powerful psychic sense and many Pluto people are interested in magic and the invisible realm and what this really refers to is the process of changing something. The ability to transform and they do well as artists, actors or writers, anywhere they can bring their depth of emotion and the magical art of bringing new life to any role.

“There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion. The woman whose fate it is to be a disturbing element is not solely destructive, except in pathological cases. Normally the disturber is herself caught in the disturbance; the worker of change is herself changed, and the glare of fire she ignites both illuminates and enlightens all the victims of the entanglement. What seemed a senseless upheaval becomes a process of purification.” Moon-Pluto Aspects


In March 1965, she visited a friend in Chicago. The early morning of April 9, Linda suggested to her friend, Jeanne, and her 16-year-old daughter, Patricia, that they stay up late and watch one of Darnell’s old pictures. After the movie ended, about 2:30 AM, the three went upstairs to bed. About 3:30 AM., a still smouldering cigarette ignited on the downstairs sofa, and soon the living room was ablaze, the smoke and heat woke the three women upstairs. Jeanne and Patricia managed to escape. But Linda, afraid of jumping from a window, tried to make it down the stairs and out the front door.

The door handle was too hot and she was caught in the inferno in the living room. A neighbour tried to smash through a downstairs window, but the flames were too intense. When the fire brigade broke in, they found Darnell unconscious behind the sofa. She had second and three-degree burns over 80 percent of her upper body. Linda underwent four hours of surgery. A tracheotomy was preformed to help her breathe. Darnell’s’ 16-year-old daughter flew to be by her mother’s side. Linda was barely conscious during their half-hour together. At 3.25 pm she then whispered, “I love you, baby. I love you.” Darnell died.

The progression of the horoscope reveals the Moon progressed and forming a conjunction with natal Pluto.

If the progressed moon makes a conjunction…something will happen that will affect you personally. Usually change will be of your own doing. It’s in your hands. It’s something you do. …There is a fated quality to the events when the progressed Moon makes an aspect to Pluto. It’s a time when you could unleash deep psychological problems and rid yourself of issues blocking your life. ..It is a psychologically exhausting time. Skeleton’s come out of the closet. You are pushed to the limit. You could be brutalized or victimized. The Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting Your Life Events


When Pluto and the Moon are in aspect, the intent is to make you emotionally self-sufficient and to transform your instinctive emotional reactions to external circumstances and situations…. They completely alter your emotional, instinctive habit patterns. This is not achieved with “soap opera” incidents, but through substantial life events…There can be births, marriages, deaths, job losses and events affecting the women in your life. Any event that stimulates enormous emotional change to uncover complexes that have lain dormant…can occur. There can be intense soul-to-soul relationships with woman…Troubles in the home can reveal deep seated, lingering insecurities. Predictive Astrology: A Practical Guide

Progressed Mars the rising planet and powerful ruler in her horoscope had crossed Linda Darnell’s natal Sun conjunct Saturn. The Mars-Saturn aspect is an indication of accidents, and difficult contacts connected to the Ascendant generally occur if anything serious is diagnosed. Mars-Saturn occurs when there are mishaps or major accidents; it rules deep frustration and obstructed efforts. According to Carter, the aspect has a liability to burns and scalds. The ascendant has also progressed into Scorpio denoting significant change, intensity and transforming events.