Scorpio: Sex and Revenge – You’ll Get What’s Coming To You

It’s common knowledge that scorpions have a burning desire for retribution when wronged. If a Scorpion feels wronged in any way, they will harbour resentment for the rest of eternity, and they will take grudges into the afterlife. So far, we have listened to the astrologers who have warned us not to mess with them. The venom can prove fatal in large doses. When the Scorpio has been betrayed, their anger can be so intense one may almost hear the Apocalypse approaching, compelling them to seek justice.

The intensity that defines a Scorpio permeates every facet of their existence. The person possesses qualities of both WATER and FIRE, making for a very sizzling combination. Darkly erotic sexual encounters, where euphoric pleasure drives one to the edge of insanity, are not unheard of in this region. A Scorpio lover can enfold their partner into their world, making them feel as though they are the only two people in existence. Sex in the Scorpio zodiac sign is characterised by the following:

“I feel like I’m passing the core of my soul to someone…it’s like sharing your energy with somebody.”

As intriguing as Scorpio’s erotic approach to love may sound, the sign also has a domineering side. The most extreme form of the Scorpion will go to any lengths necessary to eliminate anything from their partner’s life that could threaten their precious bond. As a natural psychologist, the Scorpio’s keen insight into other people’s motivations is invaluable. They have a primal urge to delve beneath the surface of life and learn its true secrets. Caution is warranted when using one’s ability to see into the inner workings of another person, as this could be used to gain power over others. In relationships, Scorpions are notorious for demanding control and making themselves indispensable to their partner in order to keep their position. The Scorpion is a passionate sign that has a tendency toward self-dramatization, so it’s important for them to learn to manage their emotions when they’re around other people.

It’s easy to let curiosity about a new partner’s past relationships turn into an unhealthy fixation. Conversely, there are Scorpios who would prefer to remain in the dark about their current partner’s sexual history. When the Scorpion is in a committed relationship, conflicting emotions of love and hatred can fuel the need for revenge. In permanent relationships, partners shift their mindset from “take me, I’m all yours” to “you are mine, no one else can have you” very quickly. Those who have found true love are willing to give up anything for it, but a Scorpio who has been betrayed can take a serious emotional hit.

Scorpio believes that justice and vengeance are like a dish best served cold. From their perspective, payback requires that each party suffer the same amount of damage. If what you inflicted was particularly terrible, the Scorpion will show you how bad it is, and so on. If a Scorpio feels they have been severely wronged, they are very unlikely to let go of their desire for revenge. The motivation for seeking retribution is rooted in the Scorpion’s desire to reclaim a sense of control. A Scorpio needs to feel like they have some say in the situation and would like to get things back on a level playing field. The next trait is an inability to tolerate humiliation without resorting to retaliation of some kind. Scorpio is a proud sign that takes offence easily and is slow to forgive those who have wronged them. In the face of hurt, shame, denigration, and loss, their natural instinct is to fight back in the most lethal and covert way possible—with the sting of a scorpion.