Scorpio: Sex and Revenge – You’ll Get What’s Coming To You

We’ve all heard stories of Scorpio’s need for vengeance after being mistreated, and it’s true. When the Scorpion is wronged, they’te prone to vengeance, and they will take grudges with them into the afterlife. Astrologers have repeatedly cautioned us not to tamper with them, and we have heeded their warnings. The sting is quite fatal. When the Scorpio has been betrayed with an almost devouring ferocity and fury, one may almost hear the Apocalypse approaching, compelling them to seek justice.

Scorpio’s intensity permeates all aspects of their life. The individual is a mixture of WATER and FIRE, which results in an incredibly steamy mix. In this zone, sexual encounters may be darkly erotic, with euphoric pleasure pushing them to the brink of insanity. A Scorpio lover has the ability to draw a partner into their world and make them feel as if they are the only two people left on the face of the planet. The nature of sex is described in the Scorpionic astrological sign as follows:

“I feel like I’m passing the core of my soul to someone…it’s like sharing your energy with somebody.”

As heady as it all sounds, there is another side to the mentality that seeks to sustain love through control. The extreme type of Scorpion would eliminate anything in a partner’s life that may be a source of conflict in their relationship. The Scorpio has a keen understanding of what makes other people tick, which is particularly useful in the roles of psychologist and healer. It is a deep-seated need to discover what is under the surface of life that they can feel in their bones. Although this power to look into someone’s soul may be utilised to exert control over others, it should be handled with caution. The Scorpion is known for wanting to be in the driver’s seat at all times and making themselves very necessary to their mate in order to maintain their position. One of the most important lessons to be learned for the Scorpion is how to deal with destructive desires, they are passionate people who are prone to self-dramatization, and things may get intense when they are in the same psychic space with others.

The temptation to look into a partner’s prior relationships can quickly turn into an obsession. On the other hand, there are Scorpions who would like to be kept in the dark if possible, about their partner’s past loves. While in a relationship, the Scorpion’s need for vengeance is frequently fueled by strong feelings of love and hatred. In partnerships, there is an initial attitude of ‘take me, I am all yours,’ but this quickly turns to one of ‘you are mine, no one else can have you.’ When people are truly in love, they are willing to sacrifice everything; however, being betrayed can be a devastating blo to the Scorpion.

1. The desire for vengeance (revenge is a dish best served cold).
2. The requirement for justice. It’s an eye for an eye. You will be aware of the degree of my suffering, and so on.
3. A strong desire for vengeance when one believes one has been deeply wronged.
4. Regaining a sense of one’s own power. Scorpios require a sense of control in their lives.
5. The fifth characteristic is being humiliated. Scorpio has a great deal of pride.
6) A gut response to pain, humiliation, denigration, and loss.