Scorpio: Sex and Revenge – You’ll Get What’s Coming To You

We have all read about Scorpio’s need for revenge after being wronged. The Scorpion is prone to vindictiveness when scorned and will carry grudges into the afterlife. We’re warned time and time again by astrologers, to never, ever mess around with them. The sting is lethal. One can almost hear the Apocalypse approach when the person has been betrayed with an almost consuming violence and passion driving them to retribution.


Scorpio’s intensity reaches all other areas of life. The individual is a combination of WATER and FIRE making it an extremely steamy mix. Sex can be darkly erotic in this zone with ecstatic pleasure taking them to the very edge. A Scorpio lover can pull a partner deep into their world, and make them feel like they are the only two people left in the Universe. The nature of sex is described in a Scorpionic way:

“I feel like I’m passing the core of my soul to someone…it’s like sharing your energy with somebody.”

As heady as this all sounds, there is another side of the personality, which maintains love by control. The extreme type will eliminate everything in a partners’ life that poses a danger to the relationship. The Scorpio understands what makes others tick and this is a gift especially in the role of psychologist and healer. It is felt in their bones, a powerful need to uncover what hides beneath the surface of life. But this ability to see inside someone’s soul can be used to exert control over others. The Scorpion often wants to stay in the driver’s seat at all times and make themselves very necessary to their mate. One of the major lessons to be learned is coming to grips with destructive passions, but, on the whole, they are passionate beings, self-dramatizing, and things often get intense when inhabiting the same psychic space.

The temptations to probe a partner’s past love affairs can become an obsession. At the other extreme, they would rather be kept in the dark. Scorpio’s revenge in a relationship is usually motivated by powerful feelings of love and hatred. Once wounded deeply by a lover they may never return to the relationship again. In relationships, there is a ‘take me, I am all yours’ attitude, but it soon changes to ‘you are mine and no one else can have you.’ When truly in love, they give everything, but if betrayed, it can be a devastating loss.

1. Revenge (revenge is a dish best served cold).
2. Need for Justice. Eye for an eye. You will feel the extent of how much I hurt, etc.
3. A powerful need for vengeance when feeling deeply wronged.
4. Regaining a sense a power. Scorpio needs to feel in control.
5. Being Humiliated/Scorpio has an intense amount of pride.
6. A gut reaction against trauma, shame, denigration, and loss.