Mercury: Style of Communication

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Mercury in the horoscope is like a magician, since it has the ability to restore youth to the aged and the infirm. Anybody with a strong Mercury in their chart or who is Mercurial has the insatiable curiosity of a young mind that never stops learning and will always shine brightly among its peers, ensuring that they remain mentally alive. Mercury has a mystical element, which means we will always have the potential to draw answers to problems out of thin air, to meet with synchronous events that will point us in the direction of our real destiny. The planet may provide us with road signs and arrows showing the way, which is consistent with the fact that it is an illuminating principle, and that it is via this god we can become aware of the cosmic plan. Mercury can play the part of the youthful trickster, and he has the ability to bamboozle us at any time, yet life would be dull if it weren’t for his insatiable thirst for knowledge.

In astrology, the Mercurial element in our lives will always reveal things in a new light; it has also been associated with mastery over alphabets, language, names, and numerical values, among other things. Mercury is ruled by the signs of Gemini and Virgo, according to astrology, and it is responsible for analytical, inquisitive, and intellectual probing. When it comes to all human activities, Mercury represents the drive toward knowledge and communication; it is a representation of our mental energy that are carried through the processes of thinking and speaking, reading, writing, and learning. It has influence over the way we experience the world as a whole, mentally filtering the basic environment, and it implies our ability to analyse, comprehend, and understand the world around us.

Hermes/Mercury is seen as a type of carrier, one that carries a signal that typically contains information to be conveyed, and thus lends support to the concept that Hermes is the gods’ messenger in mythology. The planet Uranus (the higher octave of Mercury) is associated with awareness. Prometheus (the prophet) is associated with the god of fire in mythology. Our capacity to “think ahead” is one of the gifts we receive from Heaven in the form of awakening. This awakening provides mankind with an even bigger gift by allowing us to “look ahead.”

It must not be thought that the mental powers can be judged only from the planet. it is true that a well placed Mercury points to a quick brain, ready self-expression, fluency and mental agility, but it is a matter of the expression of intelligence rather than intelligence itself. Very learned persons may have Mercury by no means particularly well placed, as for example Einstein (Mercury in close conjunction with Saturn, in Saturn, in Aries, otherwise no strong aspects). Essays on the Foundations of Astrology

The Mercurial energy in the chart also demonstrates how we form friendships, and it is the primary method by which we establish connections. Mercury is the ruler of all sorts of movement and is on the go all of the time, continually. Consider the difficulty of trying to keep one’s mind still for an extended period of time. The passageways of the mind usually appear to be clogged with a great deal of traffic and a variety of different ideas. We have a tendency to leap from one idea to the next. In addition, we are always learning something new every day. Mercury is associated with all of this cerebral activity and is associated with our intellectual and verbal style as well as our means of transportation. Some mental vehicles are fast, colourful, and inventive, with thoughts running through their heads at breakneck speed. Other mental vehicles, on the other hand, will deliberate and mull about things for an extended period of time. It is possible to come across persons who think clearly, sensibly, and with a level head, whereas others may think symbolically, visually, and in depth. Some people are more articulate than others, and some people find it quite difficult to initiate a conversation.

As a potent agent in our immediate environment, Mercury influences the tone, intensity, mental vibrations, and pace of speech. Mercury impacts our ability to communicate effectively. Furthermore, it has an impact on the way we learn and approach new ideas and topics. The effect of Mercury was most likely felt most strongly throughout the formative years of childhood for the vast majority of us as well. The planet Mercury depicts our early schooling, as well as how we interacted with our siblings, formed our first connections, and engaged with our teachers. A poor communication encounter during this early stage of development might have a lasting impact on one’s personality today. Mercury is particularly noticeable in the type of response that we anticipate being elicited, as well as whether or not it will be fraught with misunderstandings.

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