Question: Can We Ever Change Our Horoscopes?

In the scheme of the universe, the motions of the heavenly bodies are bound up with our fates; there is a relationship between the stars and human beings. ‘As above, so below,’ as the ancients used to say. The horoscope is basically a map of your Self, and it describes what sort of person you are, and what sort of person you can become.

It is necessary at this point to deal with the question, so often asked, as to whether we can, as it is expressed, change our horoscopes. It is, of course, impossible to effect a radical or essential alteration, nor is it proper that we should aim at such a thing. The Soul of every man, I believe, is unique, has a unique purpose, and unique relationship to God. Astrologically speaking an Aries person is always an Aries, a Libran is always a Libra, and so forth. This is assuredly true so far as this life is concerned, and what lies beyond cannot usefully employ our thought or speculation. Our present ask is to perfect our present expression. It is not necessary that the child of Mars should change places with the Jovian; it is desirable that each should express his own horoscope properly. But our science tells us – and this is of vital importance that each horoscope contains in some real sense every planet; and the Martian, while remaining Mars, must not therefore neglect Venus, nor the Venerean avoid the task of developing a true Martian characteristic. Ultimately we must unfold the meanings of all the principles and become genuine lords of the zodiacal wheel. Charles Carter, The Zodiac and the Soul