Saturn Opposite Mercury Transit

Question: Saturn opposite Mercury Transit – does this mean that its influence, relates to problematic and difficult communication? When Saturn transits a personal planet it sets out to define, evaluate, and concretesize expression. We meet a few hurdles with Saturn and the road is always paved with difficulty. We might sometimes feel as if we are making no progress. Many times, it can be an important journey of trial and error, and a cardinal teaching experience, no matter how frustrating. We often feel as if we are always meeting blockages, and the paralysed feeling that we have made a big mistake, and failed at something. Saturn times, can have us feeling bad, pained and just flawed. However, since it is also the planet of solidifying, and consolidating our energy, its frustrations always have to do with finding a more constructive path. Saturn is always a sobering energy, so whatever ideals we hold, they are run through an obstacle course. Another thing to remember is that Saturn crushes illusions, leaving behind its famous reality checks. Fantasies and delusions are not comfortable bedfellows in Saturn’s world, and the planet is liable to castrate overly abstract ideals, wishful thinking, seeking to impose its reality over our dreams.

In the birth chart, Saturn can take on great importance because of its transitional nature, as it stands between the inner and outer planets in our solar system. We come up against this massive boulder and it represents the elements of form, structure, and boundaries in the universe. It involves necessity, and part of outer life can feel somewhat impoverished. All Saturn transits demand that we carry responsibility, pick up the heavy load, and it will always point to critical times in development. It will test our mettle, and usually we are left feeling more insecure under Saturn transits over our abilities. They can be great for laying down foundations and its aim is to crystallize a change in behavior. This shaping and forming of the personality usually has to do with maturing and “many fruits change colour when they reach maturity”. Saturn’s energy stabilizes, cements, and makes solid ground to stand upon. However, at times, it will feel as if we are coming up against a brick wall. This Saturnian archetype can bring dark realizations and we never become more aware of our thresholds and limitations, along with a deeper familiarity of human flaws as we do under these transits.

Saturn transits can be a time in our life, where we feel terribly criticized, and unable to progress. Nobody looks forward to child-eating Saturn coming around for a visit. The ‘Great Malefic’ and the struggle that is usually involved with the father/authority figure in the horoscope. We tend to feel insecure and inhibited and astrologers insistence on it being “character building” is not always comforting when all we feel is completely crushed under its heavy weight. Saturn opposite Mercury in transit usually means that thought and communication can move towards more practical concerns. This archetypal energy will have us focused on specific concrete problems and tasks, making these excellent times for hard intellectual work and study. Our thinking is methodical, careful and more precise than usual and we may have a discerning eye for detail, editing, and assessing something objectively.

Another essential point concerning Saturn transits to Mercury is that it can create a depressive outlook during this time, and we may feel extremely serious minded and cautious. A good use of this planetary pairing is to focus upon planning and reorganizing, and pay emphasis upon important matters. The mind could be mentally rigid, and there is a tendency toward pessimism, worry, or seeing the cup as half empty. It will force us to think for ourselves, and it really grates on Saturn if we are over-dependent on others in any area. Ideas can be grounded at this time, but there could be burdensome responsibility at work, dealing with paperwork, and clerical jobs. Saturn opposite Mercury transits usually demand preciseness, patience, assiduous workmanship, diligent mentality and the ability to concentrate. A tendency under this transit is to overwork, but this can also be a highly productive period, even if we feel it is moving slowly.

As long as the mind is kept stable and steady we can be purposeful and handle problems, projects, and tasks left undone. Since Saturn can have a challenging side – it could bring about difficulties with speech or hearing problems. We could have a difficult time expressing our views, ideas and feel all vision is blocked. It may usher in a time when we feel challenged, and communication may be met with resistance or opposition. At this time, we feel extra sensitive and vulnerable to criticism. Perhaps some mental work involves spending a lot of time in isolation and work is moving at an undesirable pace. Thinking may become narrow and it makes us adopt a more humble approach to endeavours.  However, we must be careful not to spend all of our time and energy knotted up over the comments of others and focus only on the critical people around us.

In general, there can sometimes be unpleasant verbal assessments and we may be critically judged by those in authority, teaching, and writing. Mercurial objects such as telephones, typewriters and anything we use for relaying information may suffer. Saturn’s function is to repress and its tends to create a lack of movement, and we could meet with conservative attitudes. With the opposition it is thought to involve diametrical opposing of our ideas and usually this is described as a screen projector for this period.