Jupiter and Saturn: Examining Fortune and Misfortune

jupiter and saturn astrology

Jupiter and Saturn are often discussed together in many astrological works. Mainly this is due to their expressions and the polarity of their natures as in up and down, unlimited and limited, positive and negative, rich and poor, and fortune and misfortune. Thus, we, too, experience these swings of fortune in the life spheres (houses) where Jupiter and Saturn are placed. Jupiter’s influences relate to all hopeful expectations and the profound sense of life’s hidden purpose. Saturn rules resourcefulness, time and maturation, and the ability to harness the power of the earth.

Although, astrologer, Liz Greene believes that any planet may be considered the polar opposite to Saturn and that testing out this hypothesis reveals the true chameleon-like nature of Saturn most clearly.

The description of Jupiter-Saturn is worth noting here.

“Almost evenly matched in size and weight from both a astronomical and astrological point of view, each planet tends to illuminate the sharpest contours of the other, and there is a dipping back and forth between a blind optimism untempered without discipline or practical understanding, and blind pessimism which sees no possible hope of future happiness or meaning.”

The great big social planets govern heavily over our success or failure in life. Being lucky or unlucky is a matter of perspective, and there is always important morals and teachings we can take away from the idea of “fortune” and “misfortune”. For example, there have been individuals born with a physical handicap or into abject poverty (Saturn), and these difficulties turned out to greatly contribute to and progress the lives overall. It raises the question over how we view such polarities. Maybe we need to re-examine what constitutes growth and limiting belief patterns.



jupiter astrology
Jupiter is seen as big, bright, bold and bountiful

Jupiter is the teacher who we receive a massive high five from. Here, we find life is filled with positivity, boons and this form of teaching lights the way for a journey of infinite discovery. In traditional astrology, Jupiter has only a beneficial personality, and this can be narrow in thinking, to perceive all things to be good. The planet is seen as big, bright, bold and bountiful, bestowing a protective influence and a supportive role, and we grow by experiencing life. The better Jupiterian people, in my view, are the ones with a strong sense of gratitude, they feel blessed with everything in life, they are spiritually evolved, in a sense, and don’t take good things for granted. Moreover, there is a sense of appreciating what they have rather than always looking over the horizon and wondering if the grass is greener. Jupiter’s energy in the horoscope is abundant with limitless dimensions, always moving, expanding, seeking, and exploring new skylines.

The mighty Roman deity, Zeus/Jupiter was the most powerful and his name signified father or lord in heaven, often called the greatest and the best. According to astrologer Charles Carter, Jupiter has a connection with one’s life purpose. In life, using this function, the soul wants to move from the petty to the great, from separateness to the whole, with thoughts that comprehend all things. In mythology, one movement of this god’s eyebrow shakes high Olympus, and he is the god of lightning strikes, especially when angered, but he was always ready to hear the prayers of his children and grant their requests.

Under Jupiter we could be handed lots of presents, given opportunities aplenty and have luck fall into our lap, however, it is not always viewed as a gift. Some people are born to doting parents into great wealth and have been “spoiled”. Later on, they may lack the strength of character and perseverance in facing life’s obstacles. Being wealthy affords a lot more opportunities in life for higher education, holidays, fancy friends and restaurants, or rubbing shoulders with celebrities, a better living and so forth. All of these things are part of Jupiter’s world. There is nothing bad about these things, and Jupiter can give us renewed spiritual strength, hope and positivity as if our arms were now eagles’ wings and we can soar to great heights.

My favourite Jupiter people are the ones who receive lots of luck and experience great heights of success and money funnelling towards them but are exceptionally generous in return. They help others on the same path, guide them towards their purpose, they attract the universe’s bounty and are wise in using all of these massive gifts.



Saturn warns us not to get too ahead of ourselves, the sober judge

Mention Saturn and the response is always the same – long face, frown and it is depressing. Saturn is like a lecturer, and we often feel the cold chill of an unreciprocated high five,  as this tutor leaves us hanging, sternly reminding us there is more work that needs to be done, and not to get too ahead of ourselves. Saturn rules all words that sound weighty and oppressive, such as ‘duty’ and ‘karma’. It can create apprehensiveness and anxiety, and in the classroom of life this is a mentor to bring form and structure, physically and mentally.

The planet ensures we stay focused and that tangible results will not appear overnight. We are held accountable for our actions. It is very easy to fall into a comfort zone with Saturn and become trapped by our fears and anxieties turning into our own worst enemy. Feeling boxed in and seeing the dark instead of the light, with Saturn in the horoscope we can limit ourselves severely and then find we are locked in a state of depression. The planet Saturn is more of a self-enclosed and lonely isolation, but usually there is great loyalty.

To behold Saturn in the universe, it is considered to be most the beautiful object we see can with our telescopes. Saturn, with its wonderful rings, and nothing can be compared to its beauty. Everything is not always what it seems in the world of opposites, we sometimes get opposite results from each planet, there is always more than meets the eye.

In Saturn’s realm, we might have grown up and learned that we have to earn everything in this world alone, but this lesson may be the greatest gift we are given.  Growing up in poverty can make a person ambitious, to conquer the material world, and the character is toughened. It can take years of hardship, but a business can be forged. Through lots of hard and bad times, plenty of misfortune, the individual can beat the odds and succeed. Freaky luck is not something usually experienced by Saturn people, they have to work for everything. Misfortune can result in a transformation, and good comes out of the bad, it has created this inner-drive. However, you don’t need misfortune early to on to be a success, and some people would gladly trade later success for an easier childhood.
Hard won success has always been equated with a deeper and longing lasting satisfaction, a richer joy can be experienced. However, some Saturn people can also succumb to too many obstacles, feeling invalid, mediocre and bitter, unable to loosen their own chains. Saturn rules pain, fear, and daily demands for survival, working for years, struggling creatively for minimal living, meagre opportunities for self-development. Throughout all of this struggle, Saturn makes us more mature, wiser and, hopefully, humane.

Mortals grow swiftly in misfortune, Hesiod, Works and Days

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