Sagittarius: The Quest

1259272Sagittarius is those epic journeys, grand adventures, massive expeditions, and is imaginatively similar to the Indiana Jones type of experience. The Sagittarian archetype eternally circles around everything that is possible in life, reaching out into the great distance. Moreover, they are all about what is out there waiting to be discovered. The extreme nature of all of this wandering, journeying and roving takes the individual right towards everything that has something interesting to offer. In the land where ideals abound and opportunities are boundless, it is one big, colorful world in this zodiacal area.

An individual born under the Sagittarius constellation, represented by the centaur, is attracted towards anything new, exciting and LARGER than life. The worldview is fabulously broadened in this mutable, fiery sign – enabling the soul to encounter different ways of living, through learning from people in all different cultures – always in search of bringing greater purpose to life, and something meaningful.

The quest for such an individual (what drives Sagittarius) could be physical and involve climbing a mountain or travelling across the globe. It may be of a spiritual kind so that the journey is to better understand a faith, religion and to trust in something. It could even be intellectual in order to understand life in its broadest context.

Sagittarius represents the trip to the exotic, either vicarious or actual. As a fire sign, they are joyful, uplifting and filled with profound joy. They will often have something grand and important to express, and leave a gigantic signature, whilst also widening our perspective and giving us an eagle’s- eye view of life. C.E.O Carter wrote: the fire signs get happier as they progress and the feeling of intense elation is heightened in wanderlust Sagittarius:

More about the fiery element of Sagittarius:

As to the fire of Sagittarius, Barbault describes it as a purifying fire, very different from either Aries or Leo, and suitable to later middle age when the desires of the flesh are waning but the spirit cans still have a burning desire for social, political, intellectual, or spiritual objects. Morrish writes: “Whereas Aries represents the red, smouldering fires of creation, and Leo the yellow-golden fire of organized mentality, Sagittarius represents the blue fire at the heart of the flame. This is the hottest part of the flame.” Sagittarius always wants to go further: He is a born explorer and adventurer and loves the wide open spaces. Everything he does is in a big way. Astrology

A Sagittarius’ journeying can open a path to another life, and there is a heightened sense of being alive. Sagittarius often pursues big goals, and these quests, expeditions and crusades are alchemy-like in transformation. The exciting part of beginning a new journey is that the individual does not always know where they will end up. The person does not know what will be discovered and this is all part of the anticipation in searching for answers to life’s larger significance. When one exploration ends, they often aim that arrow towards a new pursuit and re-create the intense feelings of chasing down their next goal.

Jupiter (ruler of  this ninth sign) has often been named a second Sun in astrology and relates to a higher purpose and meaning. Jupiter at its core is the hottest place in our Solar System, outside of the Sun itself; if it had ignited then we would have a double star system. In astrology, Jupiter is incredibly illuminating and an area of illumination is found in their insatiable quest for learning and spreading knowledge. Finally, Sagittarius also makes an enlightening and popular teacher since they have a pursuit for understanding and can generate so much enthusiasm that others become convinced that the topics discussed are among the most important in the whole universe.

 “It is the age of great adventures into the vast unchartered realms of generalizations, of religion and philosophy, of abstraction and metaphysics. It is the time of Crusades and pilgrimages burning with the intensity of the quest for God, the quest for eternal values valid anywhere and at any time, the quest for absolutes.” By Dane Rudyhar – Sagittarius