The 7th House: Like Attracts Like

7th house astrology
A degree of mirroring takes places in the 7th house of astrology

Question: Is the 7th house an important house because it is the area where we ourselves go out to meet “the other.” All that is “not me.”

The 7th house is traditionally the house of marriage and the marriage partner as well as that of open enemies, as opposed to the twelfth house, which describes hidden opponents. The sign on the cusp of this area and planets within symbolizes the characteristics we look for in a lover, and also the traits that are possessed by our enemies and so we are vulnerable in this domain to opposition. It all sounds sinister, but as many psychology books keep on telling us, we hate in others what we recognize within, for like attracts like; therefore, you are who you meet, and a degree of mirroring takes place. Also, it represents what we are not able to consciously express, and it becomes much easier to externalize this energy.

Everyone sees their own likeness, or angle, we are often drawn to people with similar problems, conflicts and shared interests. Many people do not understand our choice in a partner, but our aesthetic value and what we feel most attracted towards has a lot to do with our particular psychic type. We feel a resonance or mutually congruent vibration. This isn’t irrational magical thinking, we are drawn towards certain people like magnets and, sometimes, later repelled.


7th house astrology
Like attracts like or opposites attract

Like attracts like or opposites attract, it’s a bit of paradox. Our opposite always secretly contains something within our own nature, and its sounds messed-up in theory, to be dating yourself. I prefer to say my partner is my complete opposite with some similarity, but we are all different in how we feel about compatibility. Any of our 7th house  qualities can appear through the agency of others and we project our own inner needs and conflicts, and we might try and pretend we are blind to our attractions in this house, but there is a lot that we pick up psychically even on a first meeting, informing us of their qualities. We are not as naive as we believe ourselves to be when attracting others into our lives. Sometimes we pick somebody who turns out to be quite different from who we first imagined them to be.

If we keep Jungian psychology in mind, everything in the unconscious seeks outward manifestation, and as the personality desires to evolve out of its unconscious conditions as to experience itself as whole. We are always yearning for our other half, it’s the idea of the inside and outside being the same. If we could take a picture of everything we thought it would manifest in the reality we shape. The people we attract into our lives our complementary, we could call it similarity-attraction.

Some people hate this way of thinking about the 7th house, especially if their last relationship has been with a horrible man or woman. The whole law of attraction thing can bore after reading about it for the hundredth time, but there is some gospel truth contained within, and this is how astrology operates. It is believed we can analyse this area of the horoscope and it describes our ideal lover, what we choose as a mate, conscious or unconsciously we are drawn to those particular qualities. As the house of projection we often look for these attributes to help round out the personality and make us feel complete. Furthermore, it details our attitude or ability to attract marriage. Liz Greene believes that this “other” we seek is actually a reflection of something within the self. It is here, where we seek to balance out our energy the opposites within, the male and female.