The 7th House: Like Attracts Like

Question: As the house through which we venture out into the world and meet “the other,” do you think the 7th house holds special significance for us?

According to popular belief, the 7th house is where you’ll meet your future partner, as well as where any open enemies will be, in contrast to the 12th house, which is where any hidden enemies will be hiding. The cusp sign and the planets in it represent the qualities you seek in a partner and the traits you despise in your enemies, making you extra sensitive to conflict in this area. It’s been proven over and over again in psychology books that the people you spend the most time with shape who you become. Furthermore, it reflects what you are unable to express consciously, and it becomes much easier to externalise this energy when you do. So it’s natural to gravitate toward those who share your own problems, conflicts, and have some commonality. What you are most drawn to have a lot to do with your psychic profile in the 7th house and with other astrological indicators in your chart that have to do with the opposite sex or with love and relationships, which explains why your partner choice seems so mysterious to outsiders. This isn’t some kind of unfounded magical thinking; you really do find yourself drawn to certain people like magnets, only to find yourself repelled by them later on.

7th house astrology
Like attracts like or opposites attract

The idea that opposites attract or that similar things attract is a bit of a paradox. Your partner may be the complete antithesis of you, yet you share many commonalities. You can project your own inner needs and conflicts onto other people, and this is especially true for 7th house qualities. Though you may claim ignorance of your 7th house enchantments, you can’t help but glean some information about them through psychic means even at first contact (astrological match). You are not as naive as you think you are when it comes to drawing others into your life. You should keep in mind that Jungian psychology states that the personality strives to emerge out of its unconscious circumstances in order to experience itself as a whole being, and that everything in the unconscious seeks outer expression. Complementary-attraction or similarity-attraction both describe the kinds of people you tend to attract. You are always searching for those qualities that will make you feel complete, as the house of projection does. According to Liz Greene, the “other” you seek is really just a reflection of something about yourself. Within this space, you seek to unite your masculine and feminine energies into a unified whole.