The 7th House: Like Attracts Like

7th house astrology

Question: Would you say that the 7th house has a special significance to us since it is the house in which we ourselves journey out into the world to encounter “the other”? It has nothing to do with the “Self.”

Tradition has it that the 7tth house is the house of marriage and the person who will be your spouse, as well as the home of open foes, as opposed to the twelfth house, which represents concealed opponents. In this area, the sign on the cusp and the planets inside it represent the features you want in a lover, as well as the ones held by your adversaries, making you particularly sensitive to opposition. It all sounds ominous, but as many psychology books have repeatedly stated, you despise in others what you identify within yourself, since like attracts like; as a result, you become the person you meet, and a certain amount of mirroring occurs. Furthermore, it reflects what you are unable to express consciously, and it becomes much simpler to externalise this energy when you do so.

You are typically drawn to persons with similar problems, conflicts, and common interests because everyone perceives their own similarity, or viewpoint. Many people are perplexed by your choice of a mate, but your aesthetic value and what you are most drawn to have a lot to do with your psychic profile. A resonance, or mutually congruent vibration, is felt. This isn’t irrational magical thinking; youu’re drawn to some individuals like magnets, only to be repulsed afterwards.

7th house astrology
Like attracts like or opposites attract

It’s a bit of a contradiction that opposites attract or that like attracts like. Despite the fact that your opposite always contains something within your own nature, it appears like you are dating yourself, which is bizarre in principle. I like to describe my spouse as my polar opposite with certain similarities, but we all have different perspectives on what constitutes compatibility. Any of your 7th house characteristics can manifest through the agency of others, and you project your own inner needs and conflicts onto them. You may try to pretend that you are blind to our 7th house attractions, but there is a lot that you pick up psychically even on your first meeting, informing you of their characteristics (astrological match). When it comes to drawing other people into your life, you are not as naive as you assume yourself to be.

Keep in mind that, according to Jungian psychology, everything in the unconscious seeks outer expression, and that the personality aspires to emerge out of its unconscious circumstances in order to experience itself as a whole being. There is something about the concept of the inside and exterior of a person that makes you long for your other half all the time. If you had the ability to photograph whatever you imagined, you could see how it would appear in the reality you create. The individuals you attract into your life are complementary; you may refer to this as “complementary-attraction” or “similarity-attraction.”

It is understandable that some individuals are opposed to this way of thinking about the 7th house, especially if their most recent relationship was with a despicable man or woman It is thought that you may analyse this section of the horoscope and that it defines your ideal partner, what you pick as a spouse, and whether you are conscious of it or not, you are drawn to those specific characteristics. As the house of projection, you are constantly on the lookout for these characteristics that will help you feel more whole and complete yourself. Furthermore, it describes your attitude toward marriage or your potential to attract a spouse. In Liz Greene’s opinion, the “other” that you are looking for is essentially a mirror of something within yourself. It is here that you aim to bring your energy into harmony by balancing the extremes that exist within you, the masculine and female.