North Node in Astrology

Question: What is the True Node about? What does it represent?

This is an old term for the North Node in astrology. In actuality, there are two Nodes, and nowadays it’s called the Nodal Axis. It involves a large polarization in the personality and a magnetic pull. The Nodes are symbolic of another one of those oppositional forces operating in life, reminding each and every one of us about things which always seem to come in pairs, complete opposites – night and day, light and dark, land and sea. The universe would feel as if it is filled with big gaping holes if we had one reality existing without the other. However, in the case of the Nodal Axis, these are extremely complimentary points to each other, but also representing radically opposing ideals.

The word Node is from the Latin nodus (‘knot’). The North Node in astrology is called the ascending node and the Moon’s nodes are points that indicate where the orbit of the Moon around the Earth crosses the ecliptic – the apparent path of the Sun through the Zodiac. The nodes form an axis, rather than separate points exactly opposite each other, although are generally interpreted separately. The ancients held that the North Node partook of the nature of Venus and Jupiter. In modern astrology, the nodes are often taken to show the soul’s journey and provide information about past lives.

We often start examining the South Node first, as it represents the unconscious, the autonomous, and shows an area of life and style of being that we slip into with ease. Similar to the way we fall asleep, and it becomes instinctive. The SN is as natural to us as breathing and so we assume that those things represented by this point in the natal chart are inherent in everybody.

A Guide to the Nodal Axis

  • The South Node is where we tend to repeat ourselves and create patterns, replicate old set-ups, repetitive choices, dramas, in ever new forms. It can indicate making the same old choices. The South node in astrology is like the old map, and a person will keep moving around the same territory even though there are new areas, landmarks, and destinations to explore. However, as creatures of habit, we feel safe and knowledge-able in the places we have always been and felt familiar with.
  • For some reason, the South Node is often interpreted negatively, as if the characteristics described by its sign and house are only bad habits we must break. Yet, whilst some of the traps of the SN can make us prone to old patterns, addictive behavior – it simply isn’t true that in order to progress we must avoid this area at all costs. The South Node represents many of our strengths, assets, and experiences.
  • Some astrologers have described the Nodal Axis as a ‘spiral of consciousness, and the North Node is thought to be an area of the chart (if explored), that acts as a gateway to greater self-fulfillment. Most of all, it can enhance our old style of being and bring greater balance. What most people forget is that when we increasingly move towards the NN we are actually enhancing our SN gifts.
  • The North Node in astrology is a completely opposite direction to be heading towards and it appears to be completely divergent from our previous way of being. When we examine the South Node we may begin to question who we are outside of those roles we have been playing. However, in order to achieve greater spiritual growth, we are asked not to repeat the script.
  • We don’t have to split massively from this old style of operating and quickly cast off previous clothes. The South Node is not strictly our Old Life and North Node our New Life, as we exist in the present and have both paths existing. All we need to do is creatively blend the polarities represented by the Nodal Axis according to sign and by house placement. Simply put, the North Node is the direction that describes which way the energy must flow to fully enhance our South Node gifts.
“This means that nodal axis provides an initial, direct insight into the tasks presented in the horoscope, even though these themes are usually expressed elsewhere in the chart. However, the information given to the Moon’s nodal position reduces the horoscope to a common denominator, reflecting the issue at hand – the quintessence.” By Keywords for Astrology