Venus-Neptune Aspects: Lovers Disappearing

2409714Question: Neptune has a theme of ‘disappearance’ and of also being ‘disappointing’. Are these two patterns common when Venus is in aspect with Neptune in the love life?

Well, yes, these can be some of the archetypal patterns involved as Venus rules love and affection with Neptune ruling the enormity of the ocean. The insights stimulated remind us of those sad tales of lovers lost at sea, or even the more uplifting romantic stories entailing a ‘great love’ crossing all boundaries, defying all odds, and is a true miracle. The currents haul in all manner of things bits of wreckage, tea chests, bones. Things turn up in their own time, in their own way. Things in Neptune’s realm can also just as mysteriously disappear or come to some kind of grief, strike tragedy. This is what happens in the vast realm of Neptune and the weirdest things are lost (and found) at sea.

Of course, it depends on the reasons for the ‘disappearance’ which are not always clear. Neptune is completely famous for its role of slipping from one existence to another and this can manifest outwardly or inwardly through the use of drugs and alcohol. Many people with Neptune as an archetype for relationships have lost a lover to the spirits, in the sense of a partner transforming into an alcoholic.The transformation element of Neptune is not always wonderful and magical. Searching for logical explanations is almost impossible in any of these areas.

With Neptune’s connection with the “unconscious”, it can stir up a lot of fantasies and dreams around a lover. Some of it can be irrational and just fanciful imagining, leading towards a large disillusionment. Are Neptunian partners difficult to catch? Hmmm, maybe one might just need a stronger net? All of this interpretation could be a framework for some people in relationships. Other Neptune associations are heavenly, soul mate connections, as well as compassionate bonds, spiritual and artistic relations.

Neptune is the most difficult planetary energy to understand. By nature, it symbolizes anything which causes us to question its existence as there exists a great amount of changefulness, restlessness, and elusiveness. We may ask under Neptune’s rays:

1. Was it a miracle?
2.Was this all just a hoax?
3. Is this real?
4. Was everything an illusion, one big enchantment?
5. Hey, was this all trickery and deception?
6. Why do I feel such a fool?
7. Why is this a complete disappointment?
8. Why does he/she always sin?
9. Why do I always forgive?
10. Why am I left completely baffled and with no explanation?

Neptune acts in subtle, vague, illusory, unclear ways. It forces things to ultimately become diluted or diffused. A lot of misunderstandings abound and this planetary force deals with difficulty in seeing reality, blurring the clarity of one’s perception. Relationships can feel something of a slippery fish in the realm of Neptune, leaving us muddle-headed. All of this is often taken to mean that there are aspects of Venus in aspect to Neptune’s love-life that are not easy to understand. Such deep Neptunian love exists in a very varied state and changes as constantly as the ocean. Such love is like a mist that beckons with promises of the most amazing romantic dream.

“Intoxication of love. Insatiable, vast longing that makes a person extremely easy to seduce. “High-flying” love and intoxication of love with subsequent bitter disillusionment. Getting lost in deceptive, misleading ideals and confused, unclear relationships. Violently getting high with intoxicants as aphrodisiacs. Getting off the track erotically. Being deceived in love and/or deceiving others. Genuine encounters are avoided as a result of lasting disappointments or an instinctive fear of disappointments and only dwelt on in dreams. Or searching for fulfillment in transfigured, Platonic love. Corny lapses of taste.” By Key Words for Astrology