Virgo Horoscope

virgo horoscopeVirgo Horoscope: The purpose of Virgo in the horoscope is in detailing the details of life, everyday living, and work. A Virgoan often does exceptionally well in the areas of editing, ordering, and generally tidying things up. Virgo has a connection with wholeness and a powerful sense of retreating to do the work. Typically, the person is attracted to the ordered rhythm of life, the inner processes and the deeper meaning and value given to daily activities, service, and routine.

A Virgoan is also known for being particularly kind, mindful and attentive in nature. As a health-conscious type, there are usually natural interests to do with the functioning of the body and insights and illuminations into the workings of the mind. Virgo is adept at diagnosing and prescribing fixes. They see the problem clearly and offer advice; being particularly capable of seeing problems others refuse to see.

Virgo is the goddess of health. There will often be a calling for assisting people. Helping them get their life together. In essence,  sorting out, picking everything apart and putting it all back into unison again. Perhaps this immense talent for sifting through and finding what works, adds to their powerful analytical ability. Moreover, there is a dutiful attention to the daily tasks that need attending, making their role in helping others more vital since the person is so readily equipped with the right qualities

For Virgo, there is an intense focus on weeding out what is not needed, and staying focused on what is productive. Also, being an earth sign, there is a deep sense of practicality, revealing itself in a pragmatic, empirical and logical approach to life. The image of Virgo is the virgin holding the sheaf, symbolizing the quest for purity of the mind and body and harvesting its energies.

Virgo Horoscope: The Virgoan needs to feel useful, using their innate discernment, paying attention to the smallest details with an outlook that is generally about improving the state of everyday life.

The major lesson is about pure altruistic service, doing whatever has to be done for the joy of performing the service. You learn about setting realistic, achievable goals for yourself and others. You also have to use excellent judgment, but without becoming critical and pedantic. Another task is to analyze, discriminate, and assimilate on all levels of being…You make the world turn more efficiently. By Judy Hall – Past Life Astrology: How Your Former Lives Influence Your Present

Virgo and Self-Improvement. Slimming Process. Eliminating. Pruning. Best Techniques. Necessary. Attuning Deeply. Quiet Labor. Essential Tasks.

The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are prone to sameness, repetitiveness, and routine. There is also security and a sense of peace and a vital sense of being productive. Such human efforts at self-improvement fall under Virgo, they serve from the heart often without reward or recognition. Gradually, as one unfolds under the flowering of the Virgoan energy, there is a sense of a slimming process, the image of someone removing unnecessary layers, eliminating, and getting things to function. Essentially, crafting something of deep value. The person is “sorting the wheat from the chaff,” organizing, sharpening tools, using the best techniques, using what works, providing the best possible information.

Virgo Privacy


virgo horoscope
Virgo has a deep need for privacy and withdrawal

Virgo Horoscope: Virgo has a deep need for privacy and withdrawal that must be respected and is involved in the process of internal work. The sign likes to make lists, usually honing their skills in preparation. As part of their life-path, there is usually some time spent alone – working, training, practicing, developing and polishing their particular gifts into usefulness. Many of those born under this Mercurial sign choose the earthy quietness of attuning deeply to the essential task, with the innate feeling inside that is understanding of the labor involved in getting on with the job at hand.

The individual is not always the most social, and the inner work takes precedence. In fact, personal desires, needs, and wants are often sacrificed in Virgo. Insight is gained through isolation, and there is a quality of the introvert. In Latin, Virgo means “unmarried” or “self-possessed “ it involves the necessary inner work of the individual. Astrologer Liz Greene in the Astrology of Fate describes this as a “collision between the personal and professional life, between marriage and independence (a common theme), between spirituality and materialism, between morality and abandonment.”

Virgo Horoscope: The Virgoan work has a sacred quality and it partakes in a sacrificial element with all of its rituals and everything it involves. The individual demands such quiet attuning to the work that must be done. A kind of humble acceptance, a necessity, solitary existence, and achievement of self-mastery involving a great deal of self-containment. The work is never rushed, it is more of a step by step process of breaking things down, refining, and integrating, a cultivation of self-knowledge.

In the tarot cards, The Hermit represents Virgo and it carries the light of understanding in the lamp, gleaned from loneliness and patient waiting, deep introspection, withdrawal from the extroverted activities of life, until the right knowledge and skills are acquired. The Hermit is harvesting the fruits of one’s own efforts. Inner-purification, inner synthesis, and an inner ordering of the personality all lie within Virgo’s development. Many Virgo people work as healers, and many are good with their hands and in fine point needlework, sketching, and knitting. The intellect is also well developed showing an ease with puzzles and being analytical.

Virgo Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope: Virgo is modest, and there is often shyness with a feeling of being uncomfortable with the limelight. The individual needs to be noticed for their effectiveness and intelligence. The person feels happiest when things are in order and in its proper place, and there can often be an innate fear of disorder and this creates a lot of inner anxiety, often irritability and peevishness. All of this worrying and nervous energy messes with their ability to digest experiences properly, and then the individual loses focus on the essentials at hand.

Astrologer Jeff Green Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library) describes the movement from reaching Leo and then climbing down into Virgo and rising up to Libra.

Leo learned how to identify the creative principle and purpose from within themselves. In order to do so, they necessarily had to unite with the creative principle in order to actualize their own purpose. This led to the creation of the “pyramid” reality effect in which the individual was on the very top of the pyramid, expecting all other factors in his or her life to revolve around and serve their needs. The Sixth House or in Virgo, the pyramid now becomes inverted. The individual is at the bottom in order to serve the needs of the whole through the work or service function that he or she has been assigned or chosen…

Jeff Green refers to Virgo as the transitional archetype where one is leaving behind the self-centred sign of Leo and moving towards Libra to equality and relationships.

Virgo also begins around the time everybody returns back to school or college, signifying the holiday period  is over and it’s back to the ordered rhythm of a daily routine. Curiously, the womanly school teacher, prim, prudish or old fashioned is a popular image for this sign.

One last thing. All of this study and meticulous focus when it is turned inwards towards the self, the individual suffers from the sharpness of their own critical nature. Therefore, self- deprivation, self-doubting ways, and the natural critic comes to the fore negatively. The individual must keep the important tasks in mind, work on streamlining life, and doing all the necessary work. The world is then blessed with Virgo’s divine essence of knowledge and effective working techniques.