Saturn Vs Pluto

2409320Question: Saturn is the hardest planet? Pfft…Well, Pluto is death and transformation on your map: you have to throw out everything you don’t need.

Cut the Crap!

On the other end of the spectrum, it is incredibly annoying to see Pluto newly crowned as the Grim Reaper and named “badass” of planetary gods. It’s as if Plutonian power is the be-all and end-all. The original fear inducer, if we leaf back through a zillion pages on astrology, is Saturn.

A Malefic Cult

In traditional astrology, Saturn was known as the Greater Malefic, garbed in a hooded robe and carrying a sickle. Some astrologers referred to him as the notorious celestial ‘evil doer.’ In ancient astrological lore, this planet was the emblem of inertia and death.  In the modern description, Saturn, the ringed planet of boundaries and limitations – will not let us pass easily. Unfavorable traits used to describe Saturn picture him as morose, boring, and lacking a sense of humor.

The Old Man’s Calender

Nowadays, people refer to him as “the old man” in the horoscope and have lost respect for the Great Time Keeper. Since Pluto arrived, most astrologers believe the god of the underworld makes Saturn look like child’s play. Whether we refer to him as Saturn or Satan, the god has long earned the title of being the Lord of Karma and still remains the hardest planet to deal with in our So Called Life. Presently, the planet gets such a lousy deal, and this is mostly due to Saturn energy in the horoscope being perceived to be such a drag. Man feels his influence through misfortunate and generally unfortunate events.

Saturn (mostly) and Pluto

In ancient times, Saturn was considered to be the coldest planet, furthest from the Sun. It was both feared and respected. The majority of readings described his energy as being adverse to happiness. Saturn is accused of bringing self-inflicted pain and the gray, debilitating pall of incomprehensible duty which is all we can expect.

Both Saturn and Pluto are inclined towards depression, recognizing an incessant loneliness and a profound isolation in the human condition. On a subconscious level, these archetypal figures represent darkness leading to some of the biggest transformations in life. With Saturn, one of the tasks involves the need to find the true value, rather than crave acceptance and validation. We survive in life being closest to our authentic base, everything crumbles when the soul is not built on a strong foundation.

The Grim Reapers possess a deep sensitivity to being made to look like fools in front of others. Saturn symbolizes more of a pained awkwardness whilst Pluto’s pain touches the deepest depths of an individual’s soul. Hand in hand, both planets throw shade over our lives and are regarded as the shadow lords. Furthermore, the majority of us are not yet at the stage where we can recognize our own darkness to be the prerequisite for self-knowledge.

Saturn is never dreamy nor filled with foolish ideals. Overdone and trite meanings don’t belong in this realm as this planet believes “someday” is a disease that will take our dreams to the grave. A native undergoing a lesson of harsh Saturnian realism experiences them for a good reason. Saturn demands full responsibility for our lives. As Jung pointed out humorously, we all walk in shoes too small for us. Living with a constricted view of life, and identifying with old defensive strategies.

Saturn is a big believer in TIME providing all answers. Still, Saturn makes us feel doubtful, and creates limits, which cause us to lack confidence. Under such severity, it can feel incredibly isolating, heavy and we may find it difficult to lug ourselves out of depression. The planet is laboring and is always a significant factor in the major theme of the chart. It wants to give integrity to our life’s structures and offer results and achievements which are not gained in five minutes.

Lastly, Saturn is symbolic of the greatest inner authenticity we can truly possess.

Pluto – Destruction and Regeneration:

Pluto’s power is expressed through destruction and regeneration. It rules the necessity for endings. An old form dies and a new one is born out of the residue. Before anything transforms, Pluto will expose hidden material and take us underground on a terrifying tour into the depths of our being. We may experience violent eruptions some which are frighteningly destructive as the unconscious material is forced up to the surface.

Pluto is often accused of turning all places of joy, dark.

On a personal scale, Saturn-Pluto…penetrates to the heart of the human shadow…Often enduring burdens of guilt, self-judgement, self-doubt and inner torment….acknowldeging shame, humiliation and display brutally honest self-assessment…they force, forge, and sculpt one to live up to one’s greatest potential in the face of almost insurmountable odds. Saturn-Pluto as an archetypal complex is a soul-making configuration…in which discipline, fortitude, strength and moral character are forged trial after trial after trial. By The Astrology of Film: The Interface of Movies, Myth, and Archetype

Maybe we are both wrong. C.E.O Carter believes Neptune is more malefic than Saturn.