Pluto Transits the 1st House: What to Expect?


What can I expect in next few years when Pluto enters my first house?

When Pluto transits through the 1st house of the chart it can be somewhat of an intense period. I know that sounds obvious and predictable in astrological language, using the same old descriptions. Still, the usual key words to describe Pluto movements always remain timeless and are incredibly true. So, prepare for a whole change of outlook on life, a restructuring underneath as you sink beneath the ground. After the transition compare this self with your former self, and you might feel awed at the changes which occurred.

Also, expect continual feedback on how you present yourself, sometimes it is unwanted and incredibly critical or attacking; the heaviest of observations on the way others perceive you. However, it might be the truth which is usually accompanied by intense pain or you might have to change your perceptions. Moreover, it could, likewise, be especially positive and life-affirming, however, it must be remembered, you are more vulnerable and sensitive over the control of your self-image. Therefore, overall, some people might be cruel towards you while others are far more empowering.

Whatever happens, this is a massively purging time and no pretense is allowed on Pluto’s doorstep, so you might as well leave naivety, false beliefs, anything meaningless in the dust, just leave those things behind, everything is seen through in this realm, no hiding one’s true intention. We might think that by batting our eyelashes and smiling sweetly, flirting a little, we can sneakily move past Pluto to the escape route, far away from its fate, its doom and gloom interpretations. Pluto burns intensely enough to singe through all those layers of obscurity and sees the naked self. In fact, as you enter into this new transition period, things might, at first, begin to bubble up with intensity, the feeling of a volcano ready to erupt as things become more vibrant and intense and there may be some upheaval involved. Many have felt it as something of a reevaluation period of their life path. For some, it has involved a house move, relocating, changing jobs. It has been called the opportunity of a lifetime transit, generally, this is described as an individual having the most personal power and so one shouldn’t waste it.

The Remaking of the Identity

Under any Pluto transit, we become acutely aware of all we have taken for granted. It forces us to meet with the intense fragility of life, breathing both life and death into our being, and it will hand us a rose that is deeper than all others, speaking to our soul. In a way, it remakes us by kindling all the intense passions within. We know when we are really living life because we begin to notice the flowers growing in the garden, birds singing, how beautiful the sky looks throughout different times of the day. All of those small things we would be so obsessed about take on less importance: like some old argument about something so stupid – we see it through a different lens. The planet Pluto is as dark as it is endless, we all love and hate this god, well, maybe these are more reflective of this astrologer’s feelings.

The identity, the person you project to the outer world is heading into a powerful transforming period. It can mean a massive transition in personality, style, and even appearance: one person cut off their long hair during this transition, so goodbye to the old you. It could mean it is time to start a massive weight loss program or just change wardrobe. Be warned, it does often create this need for a hasty transformation, so you could feel the burning intensity for change and make drastic choices in your life. It can mean severances, terminations, removing anything toxic from your life. Though, this can take on positive forms like ending a damaging relationship, telling the boss to go to hell and finding new power, there is often a greater acceptance of one’s own capability. Sometimes we believe Pluto is only about taking things away, stripping our life bare, taking all these supposedly unessential things, yet, it not just about death; it is about life. It is about savoring every hundredth of a second of existence and feeling the burning intensity of living.

Rebirth of Energy

Some have described actual things stolen during Pluto’s transit through the 1st house and being left in horrible debt, experiencing physical violence or confrontations with a self-destructive loved one. Pluto, Hades, the god of the underworld, isn’t all about leaving us empty, it can mean radical change and empowerment. Even through tumultuous times, there is always a spiritual richness and some rewards. Pluto transiting through the 1st house is also a rebirth of energy, will, and intense urge to make use of resources by realizing previously dormant talents, a deep ability to see what was there all along. You lift up a handful of glittering diamonds where a second ago there was coal.  It can represent a period when your approach to the world is heightened with greater passion, emotional convictions, seriousness, you carry a more intense nature for a while and it could even usher in a deeply reflective, introspective time. One can feel like the caterpillar ready to transform with a need to hide the self. In this cocoon, in this dark, in the still, intense waiting as you are busy waiting to become whatever it is you want to become.
Relationships may become more heated during this phase, reactions to the world are more powerful. Pluto themes could present themselves more strongly with this crossing, there could be issues to do with death, survival, power-struggles involving domineering relations. The Ascendant is one of the most sensitive points on the birth chart and anything crossing this angular house is definitely felt. You could learn a lot about the cycles of life, understanding them more profoundly. One person related that a friend was diagnosed with a terminal illness during this movement, so we are confronted with painful issues of surviving crisis, tragedy, and loss. However, this can also mean a new perspective on life as it deepens, sometimes it blackens, too, since Pluto can indicate the onset of some of our blackest periods in life. The planet forces us to look inwards, so deep introspective times are usually on the horizon. For many folks, the way they view life changes dramatically, it is never the same again. You could be confronted with an ending of some kind, so it can reflect major changes. Brand new eyes are given in the junction of this life, not that the old way of perceiving life is dead but psychically you begin to sense the unseen, invisible, supernatural world behind reality.

The Hidden Dimensions

Another thing which could happen is an urge to delve into the deeper occult aspects of the world, hunting out unsolved mysteries, being drawn to anything darkly intriguing, and it can be a spiritually transforming time; learning about the highest spiritual meaning and coming face to face with the ugliest side of life. It can symbolize the greatest time for self-development delving into the hidden dimensions of the self and the nature of your world.  It can vary, it can be a combination of these things together, sometimes we don’t embark on a deep journey into the soul without the trigger of some kind of personal tragedy. The transit may also have you confronting negative feelings about your appearance, those real feelings around the physical shell. A Pluto transit can revolve around physical, mental and spiritual changes. Outwardly it can also reflect a new magnetism and you become the embodiment of transformational change, leaving behind the old, embracing this new self-expression.