Astrology Twins

With all the recent controversy about astrology, it’s nice to think back to some positive astrology stories which hit the headlines and promoted the accuracy of our art. I predicted that astrology would benefit under the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and that we would see it advance with further interest and the word would spread. I thought Jupiter and his publishing house had our backs over here. The topic we hold dear our hearts certainly hit the media and has received some free advertising, but not the kind we had been hoping would come, sadly. A lesson in being over-optimistic with astrology’s advancement in the modern day, since Sun Sign readings are still the only part of astrology that gets the attention. The following quote is from A Manual of Astrology by Raphael, and although one lived a life of royalty and the other an ordinary life, it shows how the horoscope plays out in both realities, even if two people are born in a different class. Recently I have come across a lot of twin stories from separated twins living almost identical lives, to twins going crazy across the same stretch of road not realizing they were both there at the same time causing mayhem. Indeed, there are a lot of astrological studies that could be undertaken on the astrological charts of Twins, especially those separated. However, Time-Twins are also fascinating to study, just to see what transpires in their lives and how the horoscope is lived and breathed. Astrology charts are flat, devoid of life and energy until the individual begins breathing life by telling their life story and the astrologer helps the individual fit the puzzle pieces together.

In the Newspapers of February 1820, the death of MR Samuel Hemmings was noticed.   It was stated that he had been an ironmonger and prosperous in trade – that he was born on the 4th of June 1738, at nearly the same moment as his majesty George the III. and in the same parish of St. Martin’s in the fields; – that he went into business for himself on October 1760; when his late Majesty came to the throne, that he married (the 8th September 1761,) the same day as the king; and finally after other events of his life has resembled those which happened to the late king; that he dies on Saturday, January 29th 1820, on the same day, and nearly the same hour as his late majesty!

After such an authenticated and luminous instance as the foregoing, where the lives of two individuals born at the same moment, corresponded in every remarkable particular, even in life and death; can the Astrologer be accused of superstition or absurdity, should he pronounce the fates of mankind to be subject to planetary influence? Or can any rational mind, upon nature and sober reflection, attribute the foregoing most pointed agreement in their destinies – to mere chance?