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sun in 5th houseAn individual with Sun in the 5th house is potentially creative, longing to find some kind of outlet, and generally wanting to make some kind of individual contribution. Typically, there is pride in their creative achievements and a powerful drive towards self-expression, and so the world is often a stage for them. The type will always be happiest playing lead rather than following others.

Anybody with the Sun in the 5th house of entertainment needs an audience in order to perform, aiming for the limelight; and would not be satisfied with a career that only earns material rewards, and does not give any avenue to shine. The arts usually provide a sphere in life where creative gifts can be expressed and where their output is unique so that the recognition wanted is gained. When the Sun is found in the pleasure dome of the horoscope, the individual wants to stand out from the crowd and needs to be recognized and, perhaps most of all, appreciated by others.

With a strong liking for drama, children, arts, and entertainment, many of their friends would call the individual a child at heart. The 5th house signifies the joy of expressing our inner child – play, pleasure, and past-times, and has a lot to do with our creativity and being unique. Trips out to the cinema, restaurant, theater, nightclub or concert bring the focus to the area of fun and imaginativeness. This area of the chart rules the visual arts, literature, dance, and music, and the individual is usually very fond of amusement.

Planets in this sphere color our childlike spirit and a physical child will actually represent many of those qualities. The Sun here often shows a highly talented or gifted son or daughter. Producing children is another way of extending creativity, but no attempt should be made to live out their inner potential, identity, and unfulfilled needs through a child. Nonetheless, with the Sun in the 5th house, the parent may be exceptionally proud of the child’s achievements. Those with this placement need to develop their own creativity, in order to understand their true nature and where to shine brightest in life. The individual may even decide to work with children, particularly after finding out there’s a special ability in their possession to bring the gifts, potentials, and a sense of confidence out in others. Whatever is decided upon in life, their heart is poured into it.

The individual has a deep understanding of the values of self-expression, and instinctive sense of being special with an individual destiny. Retaining an inner loyalty to their sense of vision, whether or not others approve, the type enjoys and seeks the appreciation of others and is essentially self-motivated and driven to actualize their talents and abilities. The Sun, when placed in the 5th house, gives the courage to be innovative, develop originality and to express creative ideas. This placement of the Sun also gives the desire for romantic affairs, and each romance is another chance to recreate their essence in the eyes of a new lover. Relationships allow for the exploration and realization of their inner potential and developing gifts.

Leo and the 5th house have a great deal to do with the recognition of the self both by others and by the individual himself. We interpret it as also the house of love, but it might more aptly be called the house of romance because this is also the area where the individual may express-or project- his own identity without interference, and through the experience of love of this kind he may get a glimpse of his own inner centre. By Liz Greene