Moon in Virgo

Those with the Moon in Virgo feel emotionally secure when they involve themselves in practical affairs, work, details and health matters. The type is usually concerned with order and the threat of chaos and disruption can create considerable anxiety and stress. Virgo’s nature is cool and contained, moreover, they are discriminating and  concerned with keeping a well-ordered emotional environment.

Virgo’s tend to worry too much and their emotions are filtered analytically. However, there is a gentle humility and desire to serve others, to be kind and helpful. Typically liking to keep everything nice and rational, everything has to have a logical explanation. Overt emotional displays are often an embarrassment and the individual is discerning and limited in their sympathies. Moon in Virgo also has innate shyness around expressing feelings and defend themselves against the irrational.

Virgo’s tendency to take everything apart is naturally expressed in the home, family and emotional spheres. Critical assessments, responding to the daily mess in a functional and orderly capacity is how they nurture. Service, organisation, and sorting out daily problems is where these types often  feel most comfortable, and their natural instinct is to find a solution to daily problems and to nurture this ability in others. Virgo Moon’s are always cleaning, mending, running errands and fixing things. Sometimes there are deep feelings of inadequacy, fault-finding and lack of self-esteem.

“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”, should be their slogan, as a rule, this  person doesn’t believe in putting things off until later and deal with problems straight away. Virgo’s need to improve practical conditions for loved ones and family. Furthermore, they enjoy making lists of chores and important jobs they need to complete. Cleaning up the spills in life is where they are particularly skilled, but there is a tendency here to become a workaholic. Frequently they tend to follow repetitive behavior patterns and are focused on the minute details. This person is self-critical, assessing and evaluating their performance of various tasks. Usually though, their methodical nature enables them to excel at activities that require preciseness, neatness and attention to details. Ordinarily, the sign is skilled in computing, accounting, system analysis, weighing and measuring, their sense of correctness and order also makes them good at grammar and teaching.