If you have read most interpretations about the 12th house then you will be familiar with the term ‘behind the scenes’. It is commonly used to described this sphere of life. Those with planets in the twelfth house are said to have some part of their lives lived behind-the-scenes. It can include those who work in film, photography, make-up, costume and everything involved in making art. It could be the person working in a silent capacity, and so activities here are seen to be secret, hidden, and unseen.

“All of of us have the Well in us. One and all, we have deep within us a source of wisdom, a source that supplies what we need and never dries up. The only thing we have to do is to attend to the opening of the well…to drink. Numerous expereinces with the 12th house have made it crystal clear to me that the well symbolizes this house, a house that is seen as undervalued and seen in a bad light….Time and time again I have been amazed at the riches found in this house…The 12th house has always been regarded as a veiled house, where events take place out of sight, behind shutters, or behind closed doors.”The Twelfth House: The Hidden Power in the Horoscope

The twelfth house is out of public view and they are usually the people behind the curtain. In personality terms it may reflect an individual that feels invisible and the personality could be shy, retiring, and introverted and maybe some of them feel uncomfortable on-screen, but love to work behind the scenes where all the magic is created. Well developed introverts can deal ably with the world around them when necessary, but they do their best work inside their heads, and in reflection.

However there is also a warning for 12th house people about keeping all their creativity locked behind closed doors and it is something that may have not been expressed in previous generations.

Alas for those that never sing, but die with all that music in them – Oliver Wendall – The Voiceless.



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