Capricorn and Saturn People: Walking Clocks

Capricorn people are like walking clocks and the tenth zodiac sign is associated with time. Saturn the ruling planet of Capricorn is called Father Time. Also known as the grandpa of the zodiac, and carries an hourglass, and this is a symbol of life’s precious moments ticking by. Those with planets in this sign are highly sensitized to this image. They are careful, conscientious and ambitious people. Saturn is really the only sole EARTH planet and defines our limits.

Both Capricorn and Saturn people possess a profound sense of fate and mortality and the certainty of passage. It is believed that from the benefit of time we gain wisdom and knowledge. Capricorn is deeply in tune with the past and with preserving the time honored and workable ways of being in the world.

Capricorn needs to offer something back to society that will continue. Knowing about tradition, getting older and being under pressure, they have a depth and thoroughness, and like to take things slowly and do it correctly. The image of the mountain goat moving steadily towards the top and not giving up, no matter how long it takes will always strike at the heart and soul of Capricorn.

Apparently our birth order can be important in the sense of time. Out of the first twenty-three American astronauts, twenty were first born or only children. In many ways, Capricorn can have this sense of being the older sibling who wants to achieve something badly, and carries this burden well into adulthood, even if well hidden.