unaspected planet

The unaspected planet in the natal chart receives no aspects whatsoever from any other body. And this is thought to confer difficulty in expressing some of the planet’s qualities. In some ways, your Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto looks kind of lonely and isolated on the horoscope, sitting in the chart without any threads connecting, no fastening lines of forces to any of the other planetary gods. Yet, it will often make the planet a more powerful force as it screams to be heard among all of the other planetary aspects that are creating dynamic relationships to each other natally.

Aspects in astrology create all of the vitality, energy and animation in the horoscope; they are the driving forces of our personality. Without aspects, we would probably live less complicated lives (especially without hard contacts), and maybe less fulfilling, for there would be no real challenge for us in life. Aspects are also lines of communication to other energies in the natal chart, further coloring the planet’s expression. An aspect makes us more aware of the other archetypal essences, something we must express and become familiar with as part of our inner values. An unaspected planet can be interpreted as being unable to realize its strength in the nativity. An individual may not realize its expression, but others recognize it unmistakably.

An unaspected Mercury may have a powerful urge to communicate, read and write, expressing the Mercurial side of the personality with greater force. An Unaspected Mars could be sporty and active, but its power comes out unexpectedly with huge bursts of energy. Unaspected planets in the horoscope frequently lead to quiet moments, without much overt communication, but all of a sudden, BOOM! It’s right in front for all to see. According to psychology astrology, an unaspected planet gives rise to a sub-personality, with a powerful independent action forcing its way among all other planetary manifestation and making itself heard. But it might not be as integrated into the horoscope as other personality factors.

The following remark was made to me by a client with an unaspected Mars. “I have been accused of going through life with one eye closed: to man’s inhumanity to man; violence; injustice; corruption; cynicism. How can one successfully compromise one’s ideal world with the one around us? ” The psychology astrologer would be interested. To have one eye closed to life is surely indicative of a lack of integration, and corresponds to a failure to coordinate one of the planetary energies with the rest of the team. Astrologically Speaking

Some people might feel an individual is more limited in the house of the unaspected planet as there isn’t a lot to bring out such energy with real intensity. This isn’t necessarily true as transits will cross over the planet at various times, so it is never really without any activity to excite and stimulate it into action. Astrologers such as Dane Rudyhar believed that an unaspected planet actually brings more freedom to the individual, and it is viewed as a maverick – archetypal figure, but it is still something of a “wild horse” in the personality, unleashing its power at any moment.

What if Saturn is unaspected? If Saturn is unaspected, the defence mechanisms are likely to be deeply unconscious. Sometimes this can reflect a problems in establishing healthy boundaries; the positive side of Saturn is not available for the ego’s use. Sometimes it can suggest someone whose defences are incredibly powerful because they are very primitive. They are not mediated or tempered by the ego. When something is deeply unconscious, it tends to remain in a very primitive or archaic state. We’ll “civilise” planets in our chart through the mediation of consciousness. When this does not occur, we see a much more obviously archetypal, almost mythic, expressions of the planet’s qualities….I have known people with an unaspected Saturn who are very obsessively defended, but they have no understanding of how or why. The emotions attached to such defences are expressed in one particular area of life, often in a highly ritualistic way, and form a sort of pocket obsessive behavior which makes no sense to the individual. Barriers and Boundaries: The Horoscope and the Defences of the Personality 

The task for those in possession of an unaspected planet in the nativity is to involve the planet in the total picture, developing a more clear understanding, so an individual won’t feel disconnected or intensely focused on this part of their life. Liz Greene thinks the unaspected planet can be unintegrated, unsocialized with the rest of the horoscope and may act instinctual, raw and archaic. The author offered an example of those with an unexpected Sun not knowing their father, or he disappeared. In some cases, unaspected planets can provide an important life theme and offer another very significant aspect to an individual’s personality.

These are a puzzle, for the simple reason that there are fewer factors to go on. I don’t think there is a quick and easy answer as to how to think of these. As always, that depends on the whole chart. How, then, did I answer this question that was put to me some years ago.” Astrology books seem to avoid discussion of the unaspected planet. I have Mercury unaspected. Is this a disadvantage or advantage?” I told her that in some cases unaspected planets can provide an important key to character. Aspects are energy combinations, and so the absence of aspects gives no helpful clue (in this instance, with Mercury unaspected) as to whether communicative qualities of the individual are made forceful and combative by Mars, or limited and suspicious by Saturn, and so forth. So we have to look elsewhere, remembering that we are considering a whole person. Perhaps we find a strongly aspected Moon and Venus in the same chart so that the native is ruled by his emotions and reason plays a lesser role. As a palmist would say, his heart rules his head. I recall a man with Mercury strongly placed in its own sign of Virgo. It was unaspected, yet prominent. He believed himself to be a writer but in fact had never published a word. No general statement can be made to cover every case of unaspected planets. Try studying the whole team of energies and think of the unaspected one as an energy which is not integrated with other energies in the whole. Even then it can be a strong or weak, helpful or mischevious, active or lazy loner. Astrologically Speaking