The Unaspected Planet

unaspected planetThe unaspected planet in the natal chart receives no aspects whatsoever from any other body and is completely unconnected. All astrologers can get a little stuck on this in interpretation, due to its nature. On the one hand, it is thought to confer difficulty in expressing some of its qualities. On the surface, it looks kind of lonely and isolated on the horoscope, sitting in the chart without any threads connecting, no fastening lines of forces to any of the other planetary gods. On the other hand, however, it can make the planet a more powerful force as it screams to be heard among all of the other planetary aspects that are creating dynamic relationships to each other.

Aspects in astrology create all of the vitality, energy and animation in the horoscope; they are the driving forces of our personality. Without aspects, we would probably live less complicated lives (especially without hard contacts), and maybe less fulfilling, for there would be no real challenge for us in life. Aspects are also lines of communication to other energies in the natal chart, further colouring the planet’s expression. An aspect makes us more aware of the other archetypal essences, something we must express and become familiar with as part of our inner values.

An unaspected planet can be interpreted as being unable to realize its strength in the nativity. An individual may not realize its expression, but others recognize it unmistakably. An unaspected Mercury can have a powerful urge to communicate, read and write, generally expressing the Mercurial side of the personality with greater force. An astrologer pointed out a man’s chart (Mercury unaspected), who possessed a strong desire for writing, but never published a single word. An Unaspected Mars can also be sporty and active, but sometimes its power comes out unexpectedly. Such a planet in the horoscope can also lead to quiet moments, without much overt communication. Then, all of a sudden, BOOM! It’s right in front for it to see. It often comes as a surprise to everybody the immensity expression bursting through the individual.

In psychology astrology, it is also believed that an unaspected planet can give rise to a sub-personality, with a powerful independent action forcing its way among all other planetary manifestation and making itself heard. It might not be as integrated into the horoscope as other personality factors. Some feel the individual may be more limited in the house of the unaspected planet as there isn’t a lot to bring out such energy with real intensity. However, transits will cross over the planet at various times, so it is never really without any activity to excite and stimulate it into action.

Astrologers such as Dane Rudyhar believed unaspected planets actually bring more freedom to the individual, and it is viewed as a maverick – archetypal figure, but it is still something of a “wild horse” in the personality, unleashing its power at any moment. We may envision the unaspected planet as underdoing its energy and then overdoing. It can also equate with very strong longings to be recognised, so they will go to great lengths to express this need. The task of possessing an unaspected planet in the nativity is to involve the planet in the total picture, developing a more clear understanding, so the individual won’t feel disconnected or intensely focused on this part of their life.

Liz Greene believes the unaspected planet can be unintegrated, unsocialized with the rest of the horoscope and may act instinctual, raw and archaic. Also offering examples of those with an unexpected Sun not knowing their father, or he disappeared. In some cases, unaspected planets can provide an important life theme and offer another significant aspect to a person’s character.