Taurus: ‘Because I’m Worth It’

The slogan “Because I’m Worth It” by L’Oréal, popularized in the 1980s, resonates deeply with those with Taurus attributes who invoke the goddess Venus. In understanding the essence of a Venusian type, one can appreciate a philosophy that refuses to compromise on pleasure and ensures the satisfaction of desires. This is beautifully articulated in Robert Glassock’s observation that Venus resembles a hand mirror, emphasizing the idea that what we value is, in essence, a reflection of who we are — that “what we love is a reflection of ourselves.” In a materialistic world, self-esteem becomes associated with the accumulation of possessions. Detractors have criticized advertisements, which suggest that a woman must invest in expensive hair products to bolster her sense of self-worth. This argument highlights the potential pitfalls of tying one’s self-esteem to material possessions, as it can lead to an unhealthy reliance on external validation and consumerism. A more empowering perspective holds that a woman’s self-confidence should not be contingent on her financial standing or her ability to purchase high-priced items. True self-worth, after all, is rooted in a sense of self-acceptance and self-love. It extends beyond the balance in one’s bank account and transcends the material realm. Instead, a woman should exude confidence in her strong set of values, recognizing that they empower her to lead a life that is secure and stable.

Taurus, with its value system encapsulated in the phrase ‘because we’re worth it,’ brings forth a myriad of deep-seated issues that resonate with people, particularly women, in today’s world. It’s important to emphasize that there’s nothing inherently wrong with indulging in life’s luxuries, whether it’s savoring a box of exquisite chocolates, enjoying the feeling of silky negligee against the skin, adorning oneself with an expensive necklace, or lightly spritzing on a perfumed fragrance. These experiences are highly seductive and connect deeply with Taurus’s inherent sensuality. After all, Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, governs our perceptions of beauty and desire. However, beneath the surface of these sensual pleasures lies a profound reflection of one’s self-worth. In astrology, Taureans are associated with the qualities of ‘I HAVE’ or ‘I POSSESS.’ At its core, the Taurus sign grapples with issues of security, insecurity, and self-love. It’s in the world of Taurus that we delve into the realm of beautiful possessions and the desires associated with them. But the real question to ponder is whether these desires genuinely stem from a place of self-esteem or if they are rooted in deep-seated insecurity.

Individuals born under Taurus often encounter significant life lessons around value and meaning. They may also grapple with issues within their relationships, potentially dealing with possessive partners. Venus, as Taurus’s ruling planet, symbolizes where we seek love and approval from others to establish a sense of personal worth. This quest for external validation can sometimes cloud one’s perception of true self-esteem. For Taureans, they must discern whether their pursuit of material possessions and external validations genuinely enhances their self-esteem or merely serves as a temporary salve for deeper insecurities. True self-worth and personal value should ultimately be grounded in a strong sense of self-love and self-acceptance, transcending the need for external trappings of value. Taurus, with its deep connection to sensuality and desire, can find both beauty and fulfillment in this journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Taurus, symbolized by evergreen pastures and deeply rooted in the Earth, holds a profound connection to the physical world and an innate appreciation for all things pleasing. However, the essence of Taurus lies not just in the acquisition of these pleasures but in whether they truly contribute to a sense of worth and fulfillment. Alice Bailey captured this meaning by describing Taurus as representing “the form and the attractive pull of matter.” In Liz Greene’s exploration of the sign in “The Astrology of Fate,” we are confronted with the darker aspects of Taurus, delving into the territory of the “hoarder” and the possessive nature of “my and mine.” One of the central lessons associated with Taurus is the challenge of taming desires. Within the Taurean energy, there exists a powerful and often relentless battle between desire and self-control. This internal struggle can take on significant proportions, potentially leading to destructive consequences if the desire nature gains unchecked dominance.

Taurus individuals are confronted with the task of finding a balance between indulgence and restraint, materialism and spirituality. The pursuit of pleasure and material wealth can be fulfilling up to a point, but it becomes essential to discern when these desires become excessive and overshadow the pursuit of true worth and inner contentment. This battle within Taurus serves as a profound lesson in self-mastery and the importance of aligning desires with a deeper sense of purpose and values. The key lies in the conscious cultivation of self-worth, a process that involves recognizing the value within ourselves and our connection to the world around us, rather than being consumed by the insatiable pursuit of material possessions. In this way, Taurus teaches us the art of harmonizing our desires with a sense of inner worth and purpose.