Taurus: ‘Because I’m Worth It’

Because I’m Worth It: L’Oreal slogan from the 1980s and the fade resistant rise of self-esteem, wealth and personal assets. This is your slogan, Taurus, invoking the goddess, Venus. The inherent nature of a Venusian type does not sacrifice pleasure, desires are satisfied. In the The Inner Planets: Building Blocks of Personal Reality (Seminars in Psychological Astrology it refers to Robert Glassock, and the way in which he points out that Venus resembles a hand mirror, and goes on to say that what you value is a reflection of who you are “what we love is a reflection of ourselves.”

Self-esteem is inescapably bound up with the accumulation of possessions, if we are living in a material world. Detractors have put forth a strong case against the L’Oreal advertisement that a woman needs to buy an overly expensive hair product to feel a sense of self-worth.

  1. A woman should be feeling confident when she has money in the bank, and is worth having a sound, stable and secure life.
  2. Also, she deserves to be loved and appreciated regardless, even if she can’t buy expensive gifts.

Let’s now take a look at Taurus’ value system, ‘because we’re worth it.’ There are a lot of deep issues we can all relate to in Taurus, as women in this world. I am not implying there is anything wrong with a box of luxurious chocolates (1st priority), the silky feeling of negligee on the skin, worn with an expensive necklace, and a perfumed fragrance sprayed lightly on the neck. It is all highly seductive. And it all relates to the sign’s deep sensuality. Venus, on the Taurean side – rules over what we find beautiful and desirable.

In the end, it all relates to how much you like yourself. In astrology, we use the ‘I HAVE’ or ‘I POSSESS’ qualities to describe a Taurean. At the root of the sign we deal with security and insecurity and self-love.In Taurus, we enter into a world of beautiful possessions and all of its desires. However, what we really need to examine is whether these desires are truly rooted in genuine self-esteem, or deep insecurity. The individual born under Taurus, will ultimately face tough lessons around value and meaning and look into the issue of relationships – possibly a possessive partner. Venus, Taurus’ ruler, is where we search for love and approval of others for a sense of personal value.

Taurus is symbolic of  evergreen pastures, and is deeply grounded to the Earth, there is a profound connection and great appreciation for all things pleasing, but the real deal is whether these things are giving them a sense of worth. I like how Alice Bailey phrased it when she stated, “Taurus as representing the form and the attractive pull of matter.” In Liz Greene’s’ description in The Astrology of Fate we are taken in the monstrous area of the “hoarder and the greedy rights of ‘my and mine’.” A major lesson in this sign is about the taming of desires, a big battle ensuing, that could possibly be destructive, depending on how much the desire nature takes full control.

On a last note, buying this L’Oreal product will also awaken the Venusian bitchy side of others and will only create spite, jealousies, and rivalry of those that find your hair colour too attractive, silky and glossy. A campaign based on self-esteem and the  ultimate feminine enlightenment, as it was supposed to be. The Taurean is all about the delight of the human senses of tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and touching. In the belongings of Taurus, we seek to understand the true value and worth of something. This means that there can sometimes be a tough education around worth and, especially, the substance of life. In the L’Oreal mode of thinking the idea of personal wealth is united with personal value. It’s a big money making business when it comes to a woman’s self-esteem and feeling of beauty and worth.