Venus: Valuing the Feminine

tumblr_mlvsg3zIz31rulgu3o1_500Venus in the astrology chart is how we express and give affection; it is also how we receive love from others. It’s a movement, a symbol of giving and taking, love and loving. If somebody’s Venus is highly challenged by oppositions and/or squares, it’s not only that the person doesn’t easily give romance, affectionate offerings and express fondness towards others; it’s also that the person has trouble accepting –it’s all a fluid rhythm of feeling.

Venus’ sign position reveals how one feels the love which is given, how one feels closeness and a sense of being cherished by others. By sign and somewhat in aspect as well, the Venusian element of the horoscope also reveals our tastes and preferences, whether we prefer light and fluffy or something much darker and creamier. Not literally, but it does indicate our tastes, emotionally colored values, and what essentially flames our desires.

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The tastes and values of our Venus are revealed through what we find beautiful – aesthetically or artistically, and what kind of preferences we have.[/pullquote]

Venus will also powerfully influence our emotional, sexual, romantic, and erotic leanings and wishes for satisfaction. It signifies all these images of beauty, love, and sentiment, divulging what gives us pleasure. Venus sensitivities are more sensual, tactile, overtly gratifying than any of the other planets. Behind Venus’ attractions is more of an emotional charge than most other planetary archetypes. We also find that this planet rules over our attitude toward love and social interactions. When Venus is placed in a WATER or EARTH sign, she is far more withdrawing, introverted, shy, private and often practical. Venus in an AIR or FIRE sign can be more outgoing, social and her energy is directed outwardly.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In a male’s horoscope, we examine the Jungian idea of the “anima” and Venus often describes something about what he finds attractive, and not only in the opposite sex but also regarding friendships and social interactions. [/pullquote]

Venus paints a romantic picture of the image we find highly desirable in a romantic sense, and the ideal we are seeking in a relationship. For a woman, Venus is symbolic of her own Venusian image in loving and sexual relationships, describing much of her sexuality and it describes the core of her femininity. Many women in dress and style can be described by their Venus sign, for she wants to present such an image as part of her femaleness. Still this is only one image of the self, and a part of the whole personality. Women usually search for partners matching in behavior and emotional response to their Venusian qualities. If she doesn’t receive this kind of feedback it can create negative feelings around self-worth, feeling unloved, unattractive, and unwanted.