Throughout ancient myth and history we feel the scorpion’s association with birth, death and healing. In this Scorpio is similar to Cancer, but Scorpio focuses far more on healing, death and regeneration. Birth for Scorpio is the end part of a process, the reincarnation that follows a previous death. Scorpio is the sign of all…

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Mercury: AbracadabraMercury: Abracadabra

Mercury is the tricky god who could travel in all directions, and who we often meet at a crossroads. The god appears more in Greek mythology than any other god. In myth, Mercury was the messenger of the gods, a speedy guy with wings on his cap and shoes. This evasive planetary


Jupiter Transits 1st HouseJupiter Transits 1st House

This is perhaps the most important house of the horoscope, for it is the ‘self-image’ that one presents to the world. It has a special significance when you consider that it is the projection of yourself in the outside realm. It is, after all, the point where the earth meets