Category: Mars Aspects

Mars-Neptune: Intoxication

With Mars-Neptune it loosens the areas around sexuality and one’s physical self and so its energy may act misguided, unconscious,

Mars-Uranus: Him and Her

With Mars-Uranus in aspect, you need freedom for development to do your own thing. This means actively engaging in something

Mars-Pluto: How Bad Do You Want It?

Mars-Pluto has a bad rap (worse than vanilla ice’s) in astrology both fairly and unfairly earned. Behind the rocking sex,

Mars-Pluto: Sexual Trauma

People with the Mars-Pluto hard aspects, and not uncommonly the conjunction, will often themselves have had a history of physical

Mars-Saturn: Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain

Question: I think I have spotted a pattern with those who have Mars-Saturn in hard aspect. These people are cruel and extremely

Mars-Saturn Quotes

You are never indifferent to the feelings of others, but can become angry when others try to interfere with you.

Mars-Pluto: Natal and Transit

Question: With this Pluto-Mars transit I’m hating my family right now. I wanna punch them and never turn back. I

Mars Trine Neptune: The Bodysoul

Mars-Neptune has that mystical “spark” with an attained perfection in the way of visions, good works, and an active imagination.

Mars-Saturn: The Violent Man?

Question: Would you generally say that a Mars-Saturn man has the potential to be abusive or controlling in personal relationships?

Mars-Pluto: The Big Boom

Question: With Mars and Pluto in an aspect in a chart, what do you think of a such a person?