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The New Moon Phase Type of Personality

When the Moon is 0-45 degrees ahead of the Sun you were born under the New Moon Phase. This phase, in karmic astrology, represents a New Cycle of incarnations, or you’re in the beginning stage of the development of a new theme or lesson. It can have a strong projecting of identity feel to it…...

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Moon Phases 2015

The Moon Phases or lunations, symbolize when new seeds are planted and eventually when everything comes to fruition. As the Moon transits around the zodiac, it produces a series of conjunctions and oppositions with the transiting Sun – these are, astronomically, the full and new Moons. If it happens that one of these phases hits… Read More »

Full Moon in the 8th House

When the Full Moon is in the 8th house, then it often represents an emotionally heavy period for you, and this is not always a comfortable experience. Around this time your personal world is intensified and it can be a frightening time when trauma, crisis, or emergency is looming in the background. Birth-Life-Death In Astrology, the… Read More »

Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer is powerful since it’s placed in its own sign. This placement represents something of an extra powerful luminous experience. It refers to inconstant moods, and the imagination is more fertile, but it also shows an emotional, over-sensitive nature. It has a tendency to be bruised more easily with emotional wounds which… Read More »

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon in Scorpio symbolizes a time when our feelings flare up and are angry, resentful, jealous. The Moon here is in the sign of hidden emotions and has a powerful connection to the creature Medusa. In myth she was a gorgon monster and if you gazed into her eyes you would turn to… Read More »