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Full Moon in Scorpio: Snake-bitten

full moon in scorpio, scorpio full moon, lunar scorpio, The Full Moon in Scorpio can be a potent and transformative period for those attuned to its energies. During this lunar event, emotions such as anger, resentment, and jealousy tend to rise to the surface with a force that can feel almost irrational or destructive. This is not surprising given that Scorpio is a sign closely linked to suppressed emotions and hidden depths of the psyche. Much like the legendary gorgon monster Medusa, whose gaze could turn anyone into stone, Scorpio possesses a similar ability to penetrate deep into the human soul. It is a sign known for its vindictive tendencies, a heart that can carry grudges, and a spirit capable of unleashing intense and sometimes destructive emotions. This Full Moon’s energy seems to draw out these Scorpionic qualities in individuals, making it crucial to handle these emotions with care and mindfulness. However, the Full Moon in Scorpio also offers an opportunity for profound introspection and personal growth. Rather than succumbing to the temptation of lashing out or directing these intense emotions towards others, it encourages us to turn our focus inward. Scorpio’s defining theme, “letting go,” reminds us that this is a time to release what no longer serves us, whether it be emotional baggage, old grudges, or self-destructive behaviors.

Instead of allowing anger or resentment to control our actions, we can channel the powerful energy of this Full Moon into self-improvement and healing. This period encourages us to confront our own inner demons, face our deepest fears, and ultimately undergo a personal resurrection. It’s a time to shed old layers of negativity and emerge stronger, wiser, and more in control of our emotions. The Full Moon in Scorpio challenges us to harness the potent and sometimes volatile emotions that it stirs within us. Rather than being overwhelmed by the Medusa-like intensity, we can use it as a catalyst for positive change, focusing on self-discovery, transformation, and the liberation that comes from letting go of the past.

There are a number of gorgon legends in folklore. The commonest is that the gorgon was once a very beautiful woman. Some goddess is jealous of her, or some injury is done to her. Sometimes this is rape. The rape and violation of this woman spawn a sense of terrible outrage and a need to avenge the violation…She always has her tongue stuck out in a very phallic way, and there are generally snakes around. Sometimes her hair is made of snakes, as in the case of the Greek Medusa. Sometimes she has two snakes wrapped around each arm. She has very large staring eyes, and her gaze paralyses. She is an image of outraged, violated nature. I think it is difficult for a woman to actually recognise when the gorgon appears, because she simply falls into her, becomes her. Men spot it instantaneously. She has a characteristic voice, which is one of injured dignity and outrage. Her surface complaint may be typical, “How could you have hurt me?” or, “If you really loved me you wouldn’t have done that.” Underneath there is a deep ancient bitterness. It is the ancient bitterness of women feeling used, humiliated, trodden upon. This is a collective image, a very old experience, but a small personal hurt can plunge you into this voice that speaks with the pain of millions of years. Liz Greene

The Full Moon in Scorpio, with its intense and often tumultuous energy, has a way of bringing to the surface deeply buried emotions and uncovering hidden secrets. It’s a time when themes related to power dynamics, control, possessiveness, and retribution can become more pronounced in the collective consciousness. Unfortunately, this heightened emotional state can sometimes manifest in troubling ways, such as the revelation of incidents involving sexual assault, public shaming, or the mistreatment of women. The vengeful, resentful, and stormy feelings associated with Scorpio’s energy can lead individuals to speak out against injustices they’ve experienced or witnessed. This can result in the exposure of long-concealed truths, as Scorpio’s influence compels people to confront issues of abuse, betrayal, and humiliation. The Scorpionic Moon, often linked with themes of humiliation and betrayal, seems to resonate with Scorpio’s intensity during this Full Moon, amplifying the potential for these issues to come to light.

While the Full Moon in Scorpio can be a challenging period marked by emotional turbulence, it’s important to recognize that it also carries the potential for healing and transformation. It acts as a mirror, reflecting back to us the darker aspects of our own psyche and society as a whole. This can serve as an opportunity for introspection and change, both on a personal and societal level. The emotional journey that unfolds during this time can be both cathartic and catharsis-inducing. It encourages us to confront the issues we may have long avoided and to seek justice for those who have been wronged. In doing so, we move towards a collective reckoning with the darker aspects of human behavior and work towards creating a more equitable and compassionate society.

Clare Martin says,

Clare: At the Full Moon emotions are heightened, we dream more, consume more alcohol, take more drugs, and even bleed more freely.

Audience: I work as a midwife and things get very interesting around the time of a full moon! We always get higher rates of caesarean sections and bleeding and we always have an extra midwife on duty at the full moon.

Clare: That’s actual a deliberate policy?

Audience: Yes, and although I don’t know of any research to support this, we have our own thesis.

Clare: I have also heard that more police are put on duty at these times, because there are more crimes, more violence and more emotional explosiveness.