Venus in Libra

When Venus is in Libra, a person’s natural appreciation for beauty and harmony is heightened, and this enjoyment can be channelled towards activities that benefit society or artistic endeavours. It is generally agreed that the love goddess presides over this position, and the manner in which this part of nature behaves itself is one that is polite, charming, romantic, serene, and sophisticated. Venus in this position is diplomatic, and has a strong desire to fulfil the needs of a love partner. In adding to this, they have a deep and genuine need to have another person in their lives with whom they can share it.

An intellectual equal, a friend, and a lover are all desirable qualities in romantic partners. Venus in Libra is usually drawn to things that seem good on the surface, and they try to stay out of bad situations if they can. People with Venus in this zone are kind and thoughtful, but they often try too hard to please others, which can be hard for partners who want more honest and deep emotional exchanges.

Venus in Libra has a heightened sensitivity to the desires of those around them, making its possessors excellent communicators and partners because of their ability to put their own likes and desires in balance with those of their significant others. For the most part, this means realising and accepting that each person in the partnership is responsible for contributing their fair share of consideration and care. Venus in Librans feel the effects of the scales of justice more keenly than others, especially in the area of relationships.

Venus in Libra has the tendency to be overly agreeable in relationships, expecting that everything will always be “nice.” Fights are avoided as a result of the low tolerance for differences of opinion, emotional volatility, and selfishness. Those with this placement are more inclined to keep their true emotions hidden from others and to avoid any negative feelings in their personal relationships because they strive for harmony and peaceful connecting. What this means is that they may not always feel entirely at ease sharing their real opinions and emotional sentiments with a partner if doing so could compromise their aim for non-violent and easy connection in a given environment.

Venus in Libra individuals have a natural aversion to crudeness, aggression, and anything unattractive and repulsive, and this placement predisposes one toward an appreciation of art and beauty. When a person falls in love, their sense of being appreciated, deserving, and desired is heightened. In addition to being equal, the partnership must also portray a sense of fairness and mutual respect.

The archetype of Libra reflects a psychological condition in which the Venus in Libra person feels that they can only value themselves to the extent that other people value them. Because it can be so extremely important that others value and give meaning to them, the Venus in Libra person will reflect and support the reality of those that are important to them. Thus, they seem to be many different kinds of people depending on who they are immediately interacting with. Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library)

Venus in Libra makes it likely that the person is interested in design, writing, music, decorating, or other creative work. Libra, the first social sign, comes after the first six signs of personal growth. It teaches people how to get along with others and work together. Because of this, the person is good at dealing with people one-on-one and often has great skills in the art of negotiating. When Venus is in this airy sign, a person is smart, kind, and decent, so they are liked by most people and do well in life. Venus in Libra likes to think about love in terms of its “ideal” form instead of how it really is when two people are together. The person cares about other people and knows the social standards that must be followed in order to have good relationships.