Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra possesses a natural sense of beauty and harmony, which is expressed in social or artistic ways. This position is placed in the love goddess’s domain, and this side of nature reflects a polite, charming, romantic, cool, and sophisticated manner. Venus here is tactful with a strong desire to please the love partner, and they have a very deep need for someone to share their life with.

In love, an intellectual peer is desired, an equal, and a friend. Generally speaking, attracted to what looks good on the surface, well, the type dislikes unpleasant situations. Those with Venus here are considerate and diplomatic, but can sometimes try too hard to please, which can be difficult for partners who need more honest and deeper emotional exchanges.

Venus in Libra is very other-aware and so they are good at learning to share, discovering the importance of balancing their personal goals, needs, and desires with those of a partner. Most commonly this is a hearts and flowers type of soul, being considerate, and mindful that it is a two-way relationship. For indeed, those with Venus here, especially in the area of relating, are heavily influenced by the Libran scales of justice.

The individual may over-compromise in relationships and want everything to be ‘nice’ all the time. There is little tolerance for arguments, moods, or selfishness, and quarrels are avoided. It is common for such a person to dislike making a scene, and because of their need for balance and peaceful relating, they tend to withhold sharing themselves honestly. This just means that they may not always be fully comfortable sharing their real criticisms and emotional feelings with a partner if it threatens their need for non-violent and calm relating.

Venus in Libra types have a strong dislike of crudeness, aggression, or anything ugly and sordid, and this placement predisposes one towards a love of art and beauty. Falling in love stimulates a feeling of being valued, worthy, and desirable. The relationship also needs to be equal and it must, as has been mentioned, offer a sense of fairness and respect.

The archetype of Libra reflects a psychological condition in which the Venus in Libra person feels that they can only value themselves to the extent that other people value them. Because it can be so extremely important that others value and give meaning to them, the Venus in Libra person will reflect and support the reality of those that are important to them. Thus, they seem to be many different kinds of people depending on who they are immediately interacting with. Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, Volume 1 (Llewellyn Modern Astrology Library)

Someone with Venus in Libra may also be interested in fashion, literature, music, decorating, or artistic pursuits. Libra is the first of the social signs after the first six signs of personal development, and its lessons involve living cooperatively with others. Hence, the person is good at one-to-one relationships and often has excellent negotiating skills. Intelligence, kindness, and decency are important, and she is usually well-liked. Venus in Libra usually likes the ‘ideal’ of love rather than the reality of a relationship. The person has an appreciation for others and has an awareness of the social requirements needed to form harmonious relationships.