Moon Trine Venus

moon-trine-venusThose with the Moon trine Venus have an emotionally harmonious disposition; these people can be empathetic, loving, sweet natured, and passive. There is a well-developed sense of positivity and consideration for others. There are natural artistic abilities and they may excel at music, poetry, and drama. Anything that combines sensitivity, beauty, femininity and personal values are necessary to maintaining their sense of natural balance.

Some astrologers believe that this is an “emotionally blessed” aspect in the horoscope. Relationships with females usually run smoothly and women are generally viewed as caring, protecting and nurturing. This person may benefit through women, however, occasionally, there is jealousy and rivalry between loved ones.

The character is often pleasing and socially popular and they do well in any career involving public relations, generally receiving a positive response from others. No doubt, there is plenty of encouraging feminine energy in the chart. This is the type of person who needs to please others and who desires a pleasant and sympathetic home environment. Moon trine Venus needs both security and loving home to feel comfortable and their peaceful demeanour allows other people to feel at ease in their presence. Much emotional satisfaction is derived from positive relationships, and the individual tends to be easy-going.

The wife is, in a man’s case, almost always a real help-meet, and she is likely to possess the Venus qualities of form and mind, unless there are severe afflictions. I am not sure if the same applies to the husband in a woman’s horoscope, but in this case the native will certainly possess considerable charm, and, probably, a liberal measure of the Venus temperament and abilities. By Charles Carter, The Astrological Aspects

Moon trine Venus easily compromises, and they are very adaptable people. These folks value the art of sharing and supporting others. Often the individual has a loving and caring mother, but other factors in the chart must support this interpretation. The mother may be popular and generally a people pleasing woman, but she may have tried to overly please the child constantly with toys and sweets, so they may have developed a sweet tooth. Still, this person enjoys giving and receiving gifts, but some of these natives often want to be cushioned from material hardship. The desire for the good life can make them overindulgent, and they can also be extravagant and luxury-loving.