Pluto opposite the Midheaven in the natal chart is also Pluto conjunct I.C., and this aspect makes you an intensely driven and resourceful person on many levels, and it brings a lot of Pluto-like events directly into your world. Having Pluto on an angle in your horoscope makes it a potent planet, one that can shake your life to its foundations, cause crises, and usher in positive transformations. It suggests that upsetting experiences from your past, whether they occurred in this or previous lives, are deeply ingrained in your unconscious and frequently resurface in your present. It’s likely that one of your parents had a profound impact on your life, whether that influence was positive or negative. If this is the case, you may have experienced early emotional trauma that has caused difficulties in forming your own family nest, as well as feelings of overprotection. If, on the other hand, this parent was emotionally and psychologically nurturing, your early experience would form the basis of a very powerful life, and you may view your formative years as empowering you to make the most of your life, both internally and externally. You also carry some heavy baggage at the core of your soul and personality, and working with inner issues takes time, perhaps a lifetime, but it is the key to transforming both your inner and outer life.

Pluto stands for a potent, transformative energy that is linked to rebirth, reinvention, and developing one’s spirituality. When Pluto is prominent in your horoscope, it indicates that you will be tested by the opposing forces of creation and destruction. It’s like the Phoenix rising from the ashes to start anew, fueled by the explosive reserves of primal energy dormant within. The problem is that the energies resulting from your early childhood experiences operate at a very deep inner level, probably unconsciously, so that they affect your life in ways that are difficult to understand and that require a lot of inner work to understand what is going on. Some people are unable to reach their full potential because of deep-seated complexes and irrational fears that may have their origins in traumatic events that occurred in childhood. It’s possible that you’re completely oblivious to your own anxieties, but gaining a profound understanding of them would make overcoming them much easier.

Having Pluto in opposition to your natal midheaven can cause you to reevaluate your life and career goals, leaving you with a mixed sense of accomplishment and regret. You may discover that you have unusual control over your life and that you wield considerable influence at home and in the wider world. There may also be seemingly insurmountable hurdles and powerful forces standing in the way of your achievements, but there will also be extraordinary strength to overcome these enormous problems, and you may even find some gratification in the struggle itself, as the greater the build up to your eventual success, the greater the satisfaction you’ll feel when you finally arrive at your desired destination. Pluto can have a significant role in your life if you believe that fate is constantly intervening, bringing about transformations in your closest relationships as well as psychological shifts that have a profound effect on how you define your ambitions for the future. This axis of the I.C to the M.C is often about coming into one’s own, like a mighty oak tree whose roots run deep into the ground and whose mighty branches support the entire canopy above.

If you want to grow and mature, you might decide every few years or even once in your life to break with everything that isn’t going to help you do that and is hindering you, as well as looking into the psychological mechanisms and circumstances that are preventing that. Tearing away what’s blocking your path to achievement can mean both the end of a chapter in your life and the chance to rewrite it with new insights.

According to Fritz Brunohubner,

Inclination towards or a connection with the collective realm or parapsychology, physical mediumship, general clair-sensing. Pluto on the I.C can also bring severe misunderstandings and disputes with parents and many changes in old change; spiritual transformations and struggles. There is unrest at the place of birth and often there are changes of residence.

Since there is always more going on than meets the eye in your world, you’ll gain a more nuanced perspective on your life as a whole. This realisation, combined with the onslaught of external influences, can make it difficult to avert your gaze, but it will also strengthen your resolve to build your life around a solid, authentic foundation. When Pluto is in opposition to the midheaven, it can force a person to rip out the very foundations of their lives and start over for whatever reason may have brought them to that point. Resisting change can have negative outcomes, and you may find that life events intrude and force you to make adjustments that are best for your development. It’s important to be open to change and to find a sense of stability in areas of your life that are more in line with your true nature, values, and beliefs.

Pluto Opposite Midheaven: A renewed Sense of Connection to One’s Roots

When something in your astrology chart moves through this sector, it can reawaken dormant memories and psychological tendencies, prompting a desire to renew a sense of connection to your roots. When Pluto is in opposition to the Midheaven, there may be strong ties to family, business, or property that influence how you are perceived by the public and how you choose to pursue your goals. Since Pluto is so prominent in your horoscope, you may experience both the positive (fruitful, creative, healing) and negative (dark, cruel, brutal, destructive, devouring) aspects of life. Plutonian themes will always run through your life from the ground up, all the way to the surface. In order to feel fully released in the outer world, you may need some catharsis in your inner life, which may be at odds with your social position, success in life, and your striving for outer goals, especially if you are undergoing a fundamental transformation of values systems along the family line and there is a powerful need for homeland.

Astrologers say it is necessary to exorcise the past and work through some issues in order to reach your outer fully realised self, so it is important to evaluate how at ease you are with your family background and what kinds of shadows fall across your path. You may frequently evaluate your place in the world and the significance you bring to it. Sometimes, life throws you a curveball that requires you to uproot your entire existence, whether it’s a job transfer that requires you to move or a family crisis that requires you to start over with a completely new set of values. Things happening at home can have a domino effect on your behaviour in public, leading to moments when you feel like the world has collapsed around you. Even though you may believe this is where your true power lies and therefore feel trapped, you can often regain your equilibrium and discover a new sense of destiny.

Something tragic could happen at home, forcing you to start a new chapter of your life with no employment or other security. Opportunities for tremendous transformation and the discovery of new resources to deal with life exist at all times, even when things get really bad or uncomfortable in your personal life. Even though Pluto-related occurrences can be difficult to accept, it’s worth considering the possibility that, after every “bad” thing that happens, something better will come along, especially if you’ve deeply invested in your own personal development. Pluto’s position on this family axis has been scapegoated for a variety of negative experiences, including the need to cut ties with family members, encounters with overbearing bosses, and a general distrust of authority figures. Major reorientations in your life’s trajectory are possible under the influence of this axis.

Pluto Opposite Midheaven

We may feel the inner need for a change in direction, or perhaps circumstances force such considerations upon us — we’re laid off, for example. Taking it beyond career, we also face evolutions in terms of our public, visible status: marriage, divorce, becoming a parent…all these are Midheaven issues too. Underlying such considerations is always the Nadir and its eternal, intensely personal themes: who am I? What will satisfy me? What’s the right course for me, spiritually and psychologically? The Midheaven blooms out of the Nadir; that is the key principle in understanding the Plutonian element along this axis. Friction arises between what you have actually become on one hand, and on the other hand, two stuck places: that complex of memorized self-imagery, attitudes, and psychological “drills” (Nadir) and your resultant role in the community (Midheaven). Psychological insights, bravely won, must penetrate down into core assumptions about yourself, and then be expressed publicly. A woman, for example, might have come to realize that she is more capable and competent in general than she had been trained to believe. Perhaps she’s a fine painter; perhaps she’s cleaning houses for a living. While she may have already done a lot of the basic insight-generating work, she still has two hurdles to overcome. The first Plutonian hurdle, which is pertinent to the Nadir, is that deep down inside she is still carrying a lot of negative unconscious assumptions about herself that limit her. These assumptions are stored nonverbally as underlying, unchallenged attitudes. The basic dynamic we’ve just outlined sits latently in the hardwiring of the psyche forever, awaiting triggers. Thus, there is a pattern of explosive, disruptive self-realization which leads to eruptions regarding one’s position in the community. From a biographical perspective, this is not a peaceful configuration, although inwardly it need not feel oppressive. Psychological work is dangerous in that it breeds unpredictable changes in the outer life. A person born under this pattern does well to accept the Buddhist notion of impermanence; everything changes. He or she can ride the changes gracefully, or store them up like pressures mounting in an underground fault until one day all the freeways are twisted and all the crockery is broken. Steven Forrest