Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is quietly devoted and faithful to loved ones. The person is more comfortable showing their love by doing something useful and practical or by simply being there for them. Venus in here is timid about expressing too much affection and emotionalism and can be something of the shy romantic.

Attention is paid to every little detail in romance, and personal relationships are scrutinized and even personal attractiveness comes under Virgo’s critical gaze.  Love is expressed through small, mindful acts of kindness and practical gestures. They attract others through their modest unassuming nature. They tend to like people who are reliable and helpful. Venus in Virgo tends to worry a lot about relationships but it is only because they really want it to work.

Someone with this placement has to be aware of their tendency to be a doormat and enabler. However, they are usually pretty discriminating about showering their affections. Venus in Virgo can have discerning taste in clothes, food, and anything they deem worthy. Virgo has the ability to sort the valuable from the none valuable and possesses an understated quality and style. A well-groomed appearance may also be appealing. Venus in this sign values daily routine, simplicity, care, and attention.

Venus in VIRGO seeks relationships that are refined, but there is intolerance towards behavior that is unacceptable which often leads to fault finding. Inhibited feelings, shame, or a prudish nature can make it difficult to express the affections. Everything has to be just right in a partnership and they can list what they want in a lover down to the last detail. There is also a tendency to weigh a partner’s perceived faults against their own values and virtues. Furthermore, they can live without a relationship if it doesn’t meet their requirements. Yet, they also tend to underestimate their attractiveness and lovability and doubt their own worthiness to receive love.