Earth Grand Trine: Parental Material Hardship

My oldest son has a Grand Earth Trine which involves his Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, and Mars. I was thinking about the relevance of this configuration and his parents’ (Sun and Moon) material hardship. Earth is the element we associate with money, work and career, and the trine aspect is the easiest of contacts. For a large part of his early years, we have been struggling with financial debt. The Moon in Capricorn in his grand trine could possibly signify the hardship in his childhood because those early years were a a hard slog.

According to astrologer Noel Tyl, the Earth Grand Trine represents a closed circuit of practical self-sufficiency. Tyl gives an example of a woman who was raising a family alone, and had a defense structure against being exploited by others and had the strength to go it alone, and he says the grand trine, made it easier for her to cope.

Catherine Zeta-Jones has an Earth Grand Trine configuration in her horoscope. Catherine’s parents are described as working class. I found out that the father was a sweet factory owner and her mother an Irish seamstress. Catherine’s parents won £100,000 at Bingo in the 1980s, and they moved to the ‘upper-class’ area of Swansea. Catherine is hardworking, ambitious and extremely driven. Although many have suggested that she has had easy career breaks and been ’fortunate.’

Catherine’s marriage is successful and she has been married to Michael Douglas for 10 years. The marriage and its publicity earned quite a significant amount of money:

Plenty of controversy surrounded the couple’s wedding in late 2000. They’d been paid $900,000 by OK Magazine for exclusive pictures of the newly born Dylan. Now they accepted a further $1.5 million for exclusive shots of the wedding, a helpful amount as the proceedings at the New York Plaza would cost $1.8 million, including $10,000 for the four-foot cake.

Unfortunately, Hello Magazine got hold of pictures and published, the Douglases attempting to take out an immediate injunction. Eventually, they sued for damages and the case stretched on till 2003, when they were awarded $23,000 (OK! got $1.6 million). Even then it wasn’t over, with Hello! Deciding to appeal and the case would go as far as the House of Lords in 2007, with Hello! eventually having to pay OK! around $4 million in damages and court costs.

Now financially secure for life (it’s said Catherine’s pre-nup with Douglas gives her $3.2 million for every year of the marriage), she has also continued to win prime roles.

Irish McCalla’s Grand Earth Trine has been discussed in another article, and it was revealed in an interview that she lived a ‘charmed’ life and things just seemed to happen without her trying. There was another French actress, France Nuyen, with this same configuration and she was just sitting on the beach when “Life” magazine photographer discovered her and she became a successful actress.

Rebel Without a Cause Director also has a grand trine in earth. The Moon and Uranus are conjunct in Capricorn in the 11th house in his horoscope and are part of the grand trine configuration. It has been said that Rebel Without a Cause was a film that showed empathy (Moon) for social misfits (Uranus) and financially (earth) the film was his biggest commercial success.

Carol Rushman states:

When I began practicing astrology, I learned that a Grand Trine is a wonderful gift. It can indicate real talent and very special abilities. I was shocked when I encountered people with Grand Earth Trines who were on welfare. They did not feel that they had to work. I also see it with women who marry successful men to take care of them. I have seen people with Grand Earth Trines go bankrupt. Money comes to them so easily that they become careless and or don’t take proper precautions to protect their finances. I had clients who were investment brokers who thought they were going to profit and didn’t.

It has this to say in Charle’s Carter’s book, An Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology:

Despite the grand trine in earth, the native was a poor child rescued from the streets by the Salvation Army.

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