The Ascendant: God Parent

The ascendant can be found to the east of the location of the birth. At the precise moment an individual enters the world, one of the twelve zodiacal signs will be rising on the eastern horizon. This occurs because the zodiac rotates counterclockwise around the sun. The Ascendant serves as the gateway and starting point for understanding a person’s personality. It shows the fundamental style of expression that any person initially adopts upon their point of contact with the social world. According to one school of thought in astrology, the major luminaries, which are the Sun and the Moon, are only capable of expressing themselves through this one particular facet of the chart. The Ascendant in a horoscope is a symbol of the colour of the lens through which a person views new experiences and indicates how one approaches life. The actual moment of our birth can be described by the sign and planet that are located in the first house, and t he experiences we had when we were younger are also described here and have a tendency to shape the way we think about the world.

According to Liz Greene, the Ascendant is a portal to life that stands as a metaphor for the connection that exists between one reality and another. Given that the sign of Aries is the one that rules over this domain, this part of the chart is said to have the essence of an this this Mars ruled energy. Therefore, this entry point serves as a metaphor for the beginning of a new phase, a clean slate, and a “fresh start.” The Rising Sign is also often known as the persona, and it is the front that we put on in order to interact with other people. However, one should exercise caution when applying this word to their thinking because it can frequently convey the wrong impression that the ascendant is only a  superficial point in the chart.

The Ascendant is also typically far more apparent upon first encounter than our Sun or Moon sign is. The point in the natal chart known as the Descendant, which is located directly opposite our place of birth, is said to represent what we project out onto others. The qualities here are the traits that belong to us but may be seen in others. On the other hand, there are cases when we are in such direct range to the ascendant (the face) that we are unable to fully perceive its characteristics.

The ascendant exerts an integrating influence on the personality and, as a result, is able to provide insight into an essential facet of the maturing person’s identity. The Rising Sign is the most influential aspect of the birth chart because it determines the placement of the planets in the houses, which in turn sets the horoscope wheel in action. When beginning the process of chart interpretation, an astrologer will initially focus their attention on the sign that is located in the ascendant. It is comparable to an astrologer standing at the entrance of a person’s personality, eager to be let in.

People respond to unfamiliar circumstances in a wide variety of ways, as we frequently observe. It’s possible for one person to approach a brand-new circumstance with an attitude of hope, openness, and happiness (Jupiter or Sagittarius rising). Some people approach challenging circumstances with extreme caution, apprehension, and defensiveness (Saturn or Capricorn rising). All of this information can be gleaned from a simple examination of the Rising Sign and any planet that resides in the first house. All of our life experiences are filtered by the ascendant, and the planet that was dominant in the sign that was rising when we were born serves as a kind of “God parent.” The role of a godparent in today’s culture is to provide emotional and financial support to the child’s parents (Sun and Moon) while also serving as a kind of role model and guide for the developing youngster..

Liz Greene considers the ruler of the ascendant to be the god or goddess who rules over the birth of a child.

The Ascendant ruler is a personification of the sign on the Ascendant. In mythic language, it is the god who presides over one’s birth. In many fairy tales as well as myths, there is a deity or supernatural being present at birth, who bestows particular blessings on the child. But the child must grow up and seek these blessings consciously, or fight for them, or wait patiently for them until the time is right. The idea that a certain spirit, fairy or god presides over every child’s birth is very old. It’s one tutelary deity, and this deity – which in astrology we call a planet – is the governor of the individual’s path in the outer world.