Sun in Aries

The Sun in Aries takes its name from the Greek God of War. Aries people are combative, independent and headstrong, and like the other fire signs, are driven to realize their own individuality. They look to the future and move forward in life, rarely looking back. Being the first sign of spring, the symbol of new beginnings, Aries is associated with the awakening energy which follows the hibernation of winter.

Aries is a ‘me first’ sign and will project their personality out into the environment. They are very self-orientated and will not take orders from anybody. The key phrase is “I am, ” representing new growth and burgeoning life force. Aries is youthful and impulsive, and sometimes lacking in tact and diplomacy. Straightforward, honest and upfront with others there is no deviousness or manipulative behavior, but they can be a touch reckless, hot-tempered, and feel they must battle their way through life.

The Sun is exalted in Aries, where it serves as the subruler of the sign. It’s a visiting dignitary, and an honored guest. Here, more than anywhere else in the zodiac, the Sun is recognized as a potent source of strength, wisdom, and enlightenment. Aries, of course, is the first sign of the zodiac. It signifies leadership and initiation – and the Sun’s energy feeds Aries’ need to direct and control events. Tarot and Astrology: Enhance Your Readings With the Wisdom of the Zodiac

Positively, they act in bravery and stand up for their rights, believing in being true to themselves and one’s own vision and convictions, even if that means standing alone. These people are motivated towards idealistic causes and will pit themselves against any form of social injustice, often succeeding through sheer energy and force of will.

Sun in Aries people are simple and direct, blunt and honest, and have the strength, courage, and intelligence to prove themselves through energetic activity. Aries is motivated to be ‘number one’, and each day offers a brand new challenge. By nature, they are not afraid to try something which has not been done before.

They also like to be in charge and are reluctant to follow. Moreover, they like to be a pioneer in everything they do. They work very well independently, always ready to do something new, and dislike routine and sameness. If success is not immediate they tend to seek out more exciting activities and so have earned the reputation of not finishing what they have started.

Aries loves discovery, invention, starting things, and believes in the power of positive thinking and action. They are learning is to assert their identity effectively and confidently, and will often do battle with anything or anyone standing in the way of this goal, even if it means challenging authority figures. The Arian will engage themselves in conflict to test their strength and potency.

Furthermore, Aries chooses to reject the wealth of experience and advice from elders, but this is because planets in Aries need to break new ground, try something new, untested daring, and are resistant to following the same tried and tested path of those who have gone before them.

Although Aries is keen to have a bash at something that has never been tried before, they are far better at starting things than finishing them. The leadership qualities are considerable, and they need to be the instigator of action. Some types find it hard to express the dynamic energy of this sign, and it may reflect an early childhood where confidence has been undermined, leading to fearful self-expression and doubts about their own potency and will. However, their forceful nature cannot tolerate endless suppression, and sooner or later their repressed energy will surface through an explosive temper or depression which masks an inner rage.

Aries represents a search for self through all activity that reaffirms their existence as an individual, set apart from others. The desire to be first and best is natural, and they will often be found fighting for their own space and will not take kindly to anyone who is too clingy and possessive. Also, the sign likes to conquer and they are powerfully romantic, although selfish and demanding. Fiercely protective towards their nearest and dearest and exhibit strong feelings towards lovers.