Taurus has a deep-rooted need for material and emotional stability, and both of these things are fundamental to their sense of well-being. Those born under this sign instinctively withhold and conserve whatever belongs to them. A Taurean does not take risks affecting their material security, as their possessions and home environment are extremely important. Naturally, they take a common sense, pragmatic and practical approach to all aspects of life.

Taureans’ have a need for ownership and possession, whether objects, money or people. Security has to manifest itself in a tangible, unchanging form so that it offers the deepest certainty and assuredness. These people are security building and make good investors, bankers, and accountants. Taurus is the first of the Earth signs on the zodiac wheel and as a result, they are deeply practical and realistic and their temperament is steady and placid.

Taureans prefer a quiet and steady life, and these folks persevere; their greatest strength resides in their tenacity and steady relentless drive. Taurus is learning to relate to the earthy world, build a sense of permanent worth into it, and their essential purpose is to maintain the stability of earthly things. Naturally, they have a highly developed sense of harmony and wholesomeness, but Taurus also represents the need to put down roots and establish a home base.

Taurus is a splendid example of one of Jung’s sensation types at home with the five physical senses, fond of creature comforts and upholder of all tangible reality. As the second sign of the zodiac, it provides matter for the restless, impatient Arian energy, thus symbolizing the perpetuation and preservation of physical reality. It is through this mode of expression that Taurus signals his fondness for security; to secure something means to fix it in a recognizable form or make it safe and inviolable. Jungian Birth Charts: How to Interpret the Horoscope Using Jungian Psychology (Aquarian Astrology Handbook)

Being a practical, no-nonsense, patient, docile, accepting sign, there is respect for the value of money, working long and hard to achieve their goals. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, resisting change on the material level of life and does not like to be rushed into anything new. Taurus can be stubborn, overly practical, and conservative, they do not like anything which demands immediate action thrust into their face, preferring a slow and relaxed pace with plenty of time to consider things carefully.

Through their need for fixed security, these types are often stubborn and refuse to budge. They are entrenched in a familiar world of habit and routine to the point of being stuck in a rut. Beneath their gentle exteriors, they are known to have violent tempers and if pushed too far, provoked into physical anger. The unfamiliar makes them feel insecure, and they’re happiest when involved in loving and committed partnerships.

Taurus is in touch with their sensual side. As a physical sign, they have strong desires that seek satisfaction in very personal ways. The sign is ruled by Venus, and this planet has a deep affinity for music, design, good food, and all the pleasurable things in life. Taurus also has a flair for design and color, and will often possess a beautiful singing or speaking voice. Sometimes their appetite and appreciation for food can lead to weight problems. However, it is the ’sensual’ and not the ’sexual’ manner that pleases the senses, and they usually have a keen eye for what is valuable.

Touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and seeing helps Taurus appreciate life from its most basic physical level, they are born romantics and need to indulge in the tactile expression of love. Taurus has endless patience and an easy peace-loving disposition, they are also extremely loyal and steadfast with a grounded nature. Taurus can create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, and this is highly conducive to the formation of a stable and loving relationship.

One critical theme for Taurus is to cultivate self-value and to establish a personal sense of self-worth. It has to be something that does not come from external sources, such as wealth or a prestigious title. Once self-worth is established it cannot be taken away. The deepest motivation for Taurus is to be useful and productive, to build something solid, permanent, and tangible in the world.