moon-saturn transits
Moon-Saturn transits force us to cut the umbilical cord

Moon-Saturn transits deal with our habits, emotional patterns, and the establishment of security bases. The Moon represents the exceedingly dependent parts of our nature, which relies on the support of others. When Saturn aspects the Moon, it often denotes an emotionally painful time in our lives. A period in life when we feel the lack of support from others (Saturn). All Saturn transits force us to grow up on a worldly level, but this particular transit is asking (or, cruelly pushing) us to develop an inner sense of emotional self-reliance. All transits to the Moon will always signify new lessons in our emotional development, and will aid furthering learning experiences.

The transit usually represents a time of emotional isolation. We may feel we are carrying the burden alone, without help. Naturally it can lead to depressive feelings, a melancholic dissatisfaction and bitter feeling. Life may feel as if it is imprisoning us in the environment. We may also feel inadequate to cope with our mounting duty, responsibility and obligation. Feeling confined to the domestic sphere, deprived of recognition for the support we provide. Facing our own dependency needs according to our Moon profile, and dealing with unresolved emotional patterns from the past.

When Saturn aspects the Moon by transit, it is a chiefly depressing experience! The Moon in the natal chart indicates how you respond to life, how you respond to emotionally, what your emotional needs are. Those needs can be according to the sign of the Moon, and the special emphais to how we react to our emotional needs can be determined by the house placement and the other aspects to the natal Moon… Saturn is the teacher, the tester, the Cosmic Cop and its transit indicates its time for you to mature emotionally.It could be interpreted as the need to develop mature emotional responses. Saturn will crimp your style if you want to run off and wallow in immature emotionalism or in emotional reactions that don’t relate to universal law. Transits: The Time of your Life

Moon-Saturn transits, force us to cut the umbilical cord and become an adult. We must face up to our responsibilities. It will often feel like an emotional labour, but it could also be a time to develop domestic authority, and this could be by assuming responsibility and becoming the ‘head’ of the family. The transit implies that a change needs to take place from helplessness (Moon) to independence and self-sufficiency (Saturn). It is a difficult bridge to cross and half the battle during this transit is learning how to manage our personal life, developing emotional self-sufficiency, resourceful and practical skills and persevering and fulfilling our duties. It is a good time for establishing some firm life foundations and successfully building a secure inner base. Emotional dependency (Moon) threatens our autonomous and self-sufficient image (Saturn), and the transit is made more difficult for those who possess the greatest dependence on others for counsel and support. Sometimes we have to do what is expected of us, whether we like it or not. Under such a transit, emotional support is hard to come by.

Moon-Saturn periods are often felt at a time when we need to be separate from the support of our parents. Or we take on the role of being a parent and take on greater family weight. We probably will feel let down and have to learn to fend for ourselves. Having to depend on others for emotional support provokes anxiety, which leads to profound feelings of vulnerability. We have to learn how we can provide adequate comfort and safety for ourselves, but there is still a powerful sense of loneliness under these transits. Astrologers have described the Moon-Saturn aspect as the orphaned child, someone who feels abandoned, left alone in the world, and needs have gone unmet. Moon-Saturn aspects have difficulty showing vulnerable emotions to others, and they may barricade themselves, wall themselves off from any real close connection, so accepting help is, at times, challenging.

Overall, Moon-Saturn transits may be problematic and we feel more burdened by the weight of expectation and duty than usual.

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