Taurus Rising

The Taurus rising individual approaches life with caution, realism and patience. This person is usually peaceable and slow to anger and hates to be hurried by others. They are motivated by material concerns and are fond of luxury, nice clothes and physical pleasures. They like tactile affection and are highly attuned on a sensual level.

Taurus is the first of the earth signs and the first of the fixed signs. The orientation is towards bringing sustained results and cultivating an artistic appreciation of life. Those born with the bull rising take their time and stay calm, energy is used resourcefully. Taurus has a taste for things that last and can be traditional in love, seeking a sense of substance.

According to Charles Carter, Taurus rising with Scorpio on the 7th house cusp may suffer a separation, death or illness, if not they may be in the navy or military. The unconscious side of the personality houses a more deep and complex nature and there is a longing to immerse themselves into unknown watery depths. However, this experience usually comes from others. Relationships may be overly-possessive, but deeply committed partnerships are what they value.

The person can be grounded and practical and even a bit of a naturalist. There is also a liking for the simple life and dislike it when things get over-complicated. A person with Taurus rising may even have a touch of stubbornness in the way they move forward and won’t be pushed into anything. They are very dependable types and earth signs are always reliable to have around.

The environment is perceived as a place of beauty and pleasure, provided the outer world is secure and stable. Permanence is important and Taurus favours pleasure and peace over conflict, and there is an aura of permanence, dependability and security. Usually they are happiest when surrounded by familiar objects, as there is a powerful resistance to change, and this is something that partner’s may challenge. Underneath their unruffled nature, there are deep passions, sometimes this is called the shadow side and this will often be seen through the attractions of others. Taurus has an earthy straightforwardness, and projects a vision of earthiness and stability.

The ruling planet is VENUS and the sign and house position of this planet will further reveal how they express their artistic, sensual and practical nature. Taurus has a great need to make the most out of their resources  and this can be expressed through the cultivation of personal talents. Life is usually based on what one values, and there is always a strong emphasis on the physical and material side of life. Taurus naturally rules the 2nd house in astrology, and its keyword is material security and relates to those things we desire and it can rule over the things we collect, our possessions, and the things we need for a sense of well-being.

Sometimes, depending on the aspects of Venus there can be an issue around self-worth and around having enough, and usually what is focused upon in life is what is manifested according to our deeply embedded beliefs about ourselves and expectations.

The earth houses (2,6,10 – often called the “trinity of wealth”) are associated with the level of experience wherein we try to satisfy our basic needs in the practical world: possessions, money, job, health, reputation, etc. The key-word for these houses is therefore MATERIAL, for the earth houses deal chiefly with the concerns of the material world. Astrology, Psychology & the Four Elements: An Energy Approach to Astrology & Its Use in the Counseling Arts