mercury in leo

Mercury in Leo

mercury in leoAn individual with Mercury in Leo understands life through creativity, color, and a rich imagination. The self-expression is more important than memorizing details and they learn best when allowed to make a creative contribution. Naturally, there is an enthusiastic quest for knowledge. The type is generous in imparting all that is learned, and communication may be dramatic. Generally, there is a talent for theatrical speaking, and others enjoy listening to their creative and storytelling gifts. A need to be recognized for their intellectual abilities is also a powerful trait, and they are usually confident in their ability to communicate with others and know that this trait could push them into a leadership role.

An exaggeration and stubborn pride are often involved in all forms of communication. Yet, this person is also often loyal – usually, this is not the sort of person who talks about people behind their back. Mercury in Leo enjoys sharing their thoughts and artistic vision, and there is often a liking for speaking in front of others and being in the limelight.  We also find events are interpreted in a highly individualized way, and it may result in implying everything spoken by the individual has more importance than what anyone else has to say. The danger here is possessing too much subjectivity, but the individual possesses strong opinions and expresses their views energetically and often dramatically. Being proud of their intellectual achievements, and showing great passion and strength in speech is another way to recognize this fiery combination in the mundane world.

With a high opinion of their own intellectual powers and plenty of mental energy, these people are quick to form and opinions and often do not  bother with the facts. They like performing and may be attracted to the theater. The Ultimate Astrologer.

Mercury in Leo: Self Expression

Mercury in Leo speaks warmly and with great heart, and  likes to stand out from the crowd. Speaking with power and authority can lead to them coming on too strong when expressing their thoughts. The mind has a fixed purpose, but they may become self-involved with their own way of thinking. Nonetheless, they can be very powerful, dynamic and charismatic in speech; they have an abundance of creative ideas and do not enjoy a job in which they have no creative input or voice in decision making.

The mind is concentrated and focused; if they think strongly about something – usually it is expressed. Mercury here can give a bright mind, adding to one’s mental confidence and oratory ability. The individual may be interested in art, entertainment, drama, romance, music or poetry, and possess a genuine desire to empower people through their words. They often make a good spokesperson, group leader, director, or coach.

Mercury in Leo can easily see the big picture, but would rather let others handle all the finer details. The intellect can be self-centred, but intuitive, and their intellectual efforts often carry their personal unique stamp. The outlook on life is positive, and this is the placement of the person who dresses up information and makes it heartwarming, entertaining, and interesting.