Mars in the 12th House: Repressed Rage

ikijutreThose born with Mars in the 12th can find asserting themselves, and being direct and forceful very difficult. The desire to put themselves first and their interests first are lacking.

Pushing for they want in a direct manner is usually discouraged in childhood. Being selfish, assertive or angry is something that was frowned upon, and they may have difficulty going after what they want.

Mars in the 12th house hides from confrontation, and there will often be no reaction to conflict. Moreover, they can overreact and the individual blows up over minor incidents, and aggression is often misdirected. Nonverbal expression of anger can include slamming doors, angry silence, and indirect remarks. The individual may not feel their anger at the time something happens, and they get all steamed up a few days after the event.

This person may carry a heavy bag of unresolved anger problems, and will have to deal with family complexes. When anger is not acknowledged, owned, or experienced it tends to become repressed. The way this most frequently happens is that it is projected outside the individual onto the surrounding world. Mars here may attract situations in which they are victimized, and the twelfth house represents those things that are repressed and locked away.

Rage is sometimes articulated through strange fears and repressed feelings, which turned inward, and create violent fantasies and dreams. Anger is likely to be directed towards causes which champion the underdog, and those who are victimized in society, including the underprivileged, overlooked and ignored. Positively they can be unselfish, working more on the behalf of others rather than themselves.

Steps to Healing Repressed Anger:

1. Acknowledging Anger
2. Identify “unimportant” and buried issues
3. Learning how to express desires appropriately
4. Artistic Pursuits – Art and writing – Use the imagination actively
5. Exercise
6. Dance
7. Actively working with the Unconscious
8. Viewing anger as a cleansing emotion
9. Learning to see self-assertion as a healthy emotion
10. Finding hidden courage
11. Not perceiving anger as bad
12. Going into an empty room and screaming the rage out

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