Venus in 11th House

tumblr_n4p5vxFMOz1qk0mqro1_500A person with Venus in the 11th house enjoy group activities, friendships, and possess high ideals and hopes. This is a perfect placement for bringing groups together for a common cause. Venus here helps to foster co-operation between people and find points of similarity. The individual often has a social personality and loves a large circle of connections. Lovers may also be found through friendship and at social events.

Close female friends may be indicated by Venus in the 11th house. The need to maintain beautiful and pleasant friendships are important to them. This is considered a good placement for socialising with women, but it can indicate female rivalry, jealousy, and overindulgence amongst friends. However, it can also indicate rapport with the opposite sex, and Venus here may show gains through such acquaintances.

Venus in the 11th house places a high value on the integrity of the group, and a feeling of happiness. The individual may seek a connection to artistic or cultural groups. Its position in the eleventh house encourages group activities that accommodate group ideas, love, and they are dedicated to the improvement of their social, political, and radical values. The types of groups they are involved with usually espouse their particular values. The person may amass possessions and give them to their chosen cause and other worthwhile organisations.

The partner needs to be socially concerned and share an interest, or at least, listen to their points of view. The relationship must also provide a level of friendship, intellectual expression and freedom. Sometimes the partner shares in their hopes, goals and vision for the future. However, there can also be impossible ideals in the union.

Venus in the 11th house has the capacity to bring a positive influence to any group, and some with Venus here may derive their self-worth from being seen with the right group of friends. Indeed, friends may be helpful in helping them to achieve their goals and objectives in life. The partner can enhance their social position, and they need to be sociable and have a good time with friends. The individual may be a popular person concerned with joining groups which benefit humanity in some way.

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