Venus in 2nd House

Those with Venus in the 2nd house desire material security, and may favour investments and collecting, or choose a partner who has financial wealth and makes them feel safe and secure. These people generally value the things which money can buy them, and they may not necessarily be materialistic, but they appreciate beautiful things, surroundings, and comfortable furnishings. It often indicates a love of money, and they have a talent for attracting what they need to sustain them.

Planets in the 2nd house describe skills, talents and resources, and because the 2nd house is an indicator of how we make our bread, it often describes an individual who earns their living through the arts, beauty, relating, social skills, diplomacy or creativity. They may benefit from a talent for finance and business, and have the ability to attract money, either sustaining it for themselves or drawing it from a partner. However, they have to be careful of not being bought, but the person may enjoy spending what they earn on loved ones and the things they really treasure in life. Some might have a talent for finding items of significant value. They can become possessive about companionship, money and property, and sometimes their self-esteem is based on economic or relationship security. A partner that makes them feel safe and secure is necessary.

Venus in the 2nd house may value art and all that is fine and beautiful. This placement will usually describe spending money on fashions, jewellery, beauty products and pleasure. A higher income may be valued, and they are willing to pay to have a good lifestyle. The person may take great joy in the physical side of life, and the trappings that feed, sustain, and beautify the body. They are usually proud of what they have gained, and have a talent for finding things of value. Those with Venus in this position have strong values and affection is often expressed tangibly, and they may seek wealth in order to gain social status. If Venus is well apsected they receive help from their friends and money comes easily.