Sun-Jupiter Progressed Aspects

1c275d5124e0747052468ab7e011e8efWe are going to feel full of optimism and confidence right now as the progressed Sun creates an aspect to Jupiter. Because Sun-Jupiter progressions may emerge both physically and intellectually, we may find ourselves having to exhibit our solar attributes in this way more completely during this time. This is a time in our life when we must have faith in ourselves and our skills. We may wish to improve our lives and the lives of future generations.

Furthermore, this is truly about realising that we are not restricted by our circumstances in life, and that we must follow and achieve our dreams. We will not express ourselves in a too exuberant or naive manner under the softer Sun progressed Jupiter aspects of the sextile and trine. Our goals and visions for the future are in sync, and we may come across advantageous possibilities and profit from the assistance of others. Our intuition is operating well, and we like philosophical studies, religion, and spirituality. We have a more positive aspect about us, a more tolerant and giving spirit, and we feel more generous and open-hearted. This might be the year we receive awards, receive scholarships, and reach our full potential. A promotion, financial gain, and enhanced social approbation are all possibilities.

We may overstate our sense of self-importance during hard Sun-Jupiter progressions (square and opposition), and tactlessness may be an issue. Increased restlessness is possible, as can a conflict between the ego and the drive to expand. We must be cautious with investments, weight gain, and cardiac problems. During this period, there is also a propensity to overindulge, particularly in terms of food and alcohol. We may find ourselves travelling overseas, taking a university course, or displaying an interest in different cultures and international politics if the mood strikes us. Relationships are now based on intellectual or spiritual compatibility, and they have some impact over our future development and progress. Overall, we may be experiencing the wealth of life’s general goodness as well as an opening of the sky at this time.