Venus-Saturn Transits: Self-Value

12185-581ce7b3c1d81Under a Venus-Saturn transit, relationships may be difficult right now, and this could be a testing period in terms of the individual’s values and definitions of love. An experience of complications in their primary love relationships occur and they are probably not feeling at their most confident. There are often feelings of depression, loss of self-esteem, a lack of love and affection or the painful feeling that they’re unattractive or unlovable. Under this energy, they may consciously or unconsciously expect their loved ones to reject, criticize or ignore their desire because they’re not feeling very secure inside.

During Venus-Saturn transits, the individual might be undergoing a difficult time with a partner, for reasons such as financial constrictions, work difficulties, or working long hours. Additional responsibilities may be taken on in the relationship, creating extra burdens, making the bond feel heavy, and lacking in its usual light-heartedness. A partner may be acting selfish, cold, and rejecting their need for closeness. There is a lack of warmth and emotional support at this difficult time, and it is often through no fault of their own. This might be a period of painful separation and, if it’s really tough, the social life may suffer; they feel more lonely, isolated and withdrawn than usual. The individual moving through this phase may find that their own expression of love and affection has slowly cooled, and they experience some sexual inhibition, defensiveness, and shyness.

The individual may also face some aching feelings about the flaws and challenges of a relationship. Relationships are hard work, definitions of personal values are changing and being redefined as they look more seriously at the deeper basis of the relationship. Through feelings of insecurity, they have to be careful of desperately searching for someone to alleviate their feelings of unlovability, and choosing someone that ends up making them feel this way. When Saturn aspects Venus in transit, well, they need to get serious about their love life or marriage, but they might have to deal with disappointment. The feelings of unattractiveness, re-examining and redefining their self-worth are pressing issues. It is at these times that their relationships are examined far more critically, and failings in the relationship highlighted. The bonds that are real and solid will not break in our life, and they may be asked to work harder.

When transiting Saturn is sextile or trine Venus, the individual will often feel more secure in their relationship and benefit from older people in their life. A partner chosen at this time could be significantly older. Moreover, they appreciate more traditional forms of beauty right now and, if they have been careless and impractical with money, it is time to learn how to be more practical and realistic. Sometimes a person from their past resurfaces and wants to form a relationship once again. During this time they can create a solid ground for emotional commitments, and use this time to assess what is wanted from a relationship and what they have to give. In the end, this is a time to learn about love, self-value, and to come out of this period having a real understanding of limitations and the hard work it takes to sustain a relationship over the long-haul.