pluto-loversLast night I was listening to the Script’s Album, Science and Faith. It’s one of my favourite albums of 2011, and all of the songs are about relationships.

The songwriter takes a very real and heartfelt view of both suffering and happiness in love. Being under a Venus trine Pluto transit,  no one is safe from my heightened affections, right now! But there is a song on the album about protecting the one we love from the blows of the world.

This is a Plutonian kind of love and talks about the kind of individual who would lay down his life for you. Pluto relationships are defined by anyone with major aspects to Pluto, Scorpio and/or 8th house planets. Pluto aspects in synastry are also something you should look at.

I adore the lyrics: “So lay your cuts and bruises over my skin”, but then the things that have happened to this man, he definitely possesses a Plutonian chart!

Pluto relationships have a protective side. In Uranus’ relationships the planet endows love with freedom, but Pluto keeps its loved ones close, often too close. This kind of love can be suffocating, overpowering, and intense, and there is a sense of complexity, depth and wisdom here; they have seen the worst that “mankind” has to offer and have refused to look the other way.

The Pluto ruled soul offers everything if you have won their trust, faith and heart. In return, they give back intense loyalty, protectiveness and dependability. I have often discussed the jealousy, suspiciousness and withdrawing nature of the sign, but you can’t beat their devotion in relationships and how they understand the real source of your wounds.

Others don’t understand the vow of ‘til death do us part so completely as Pluto, and many marriages don’t survive. It’s about commitment, staying the course, and strength, but being Plutonian, they are also too damn stubborn to give up! Many of them never take relationships lightly, and being in love demands great passion.

Few signs are as concerned about honesty, reliability and truth. To make a relationship work with them, you enter into an unspoken agreement about dedication, perseverance and attachment. I am not saying sign your life away, but it is a commitment, and no one is willing to look as deeply at relationships as Pluto.

Expect to be tested, and this is usually a sign that they are falling in love with you. Just don’t lie to them, and know that whatever happens in private always stays there. Out of all the planets in love, Pluto can handle you being real and direct with them, and usually, it’s the things you do unconsciously that reveal the real truth anyway. A word of caution, for those who try and hurt a Plutonian’s partner, don’t. If you do, watch your back, they will defend a lover fiercely!