Moon in 2nd House

Moon, 2nd house

Those with the Moon in the 2nd house have an essential need for material and financial security. The individual’s emotional well-being is often dependent on stability. The person may feel more secure surrounded by their home comforts and possessions. Stressful aspects to the Moon (square and opposition) may show bouts of insecurity in childhood around the feeling of having enough. The area of life where the Moon is placed is where we express our emotional needs and wish to receive care and emotional help. Woman may figure prominently in money matters, and their may be inheritances through the family. The individual often has an instinct for money, acquiring possessions and owning property. Investing and protecting what they own is important to these people. They also usually possess a financial intuition especially when dealing with things of value. The person may be interested in things from the past and collect antiques.

Resources may be spent on the home, and taking care of the family, but they are sometimes emotional spenders and will indulge in shopping purges when feeling insecure. However, many are just as likely to have money tucked away just in case of an emergency.  The Moon placed in the 2nd house can also mean someone who is codependent on the finances of others and who likes to be taken care of financially. The Moon is all about nurturing, caring, and empathy and so perhaps this person has allowed family to rely too much on them for security. The individual may go out of their way to provide for their family, and sometimes for self-protection they manage to secure money for themselves from various sources and not always through manipulation. There may also be difficulty with parting with objects that would weaken their sense of security as they love collecting things.

Money may be earned through the lunar aspect of the nature through care taking, nursing, food or housing. These people may have a very emotional approach to money and where the Moon is placed can be a very sensitive point in the chart. The Moon is also the place where feel emotionally hungry and income and security are subject to feelings of insecurity and deep rooted emotional needs. Unstable feelings of self-worth  and possessiveness towards a partner may be another obvious trait. The moon is very receptive to what is personally owned and there is often a kind of sentimentality to objects and people of personal value.